We believe training is so important that we provide it for free to all of our clients. You'll meet with your Onboarding Specialist and they will determine which of the trainings we offer is the best fit for you and your organization. To get some insights into the type of training we offer, please read below.

Galaxy Digital offers the following types of trainings on the Connect platforms.

  • Volunteer Module: Agency Manager Training (for agency managers and site managers)
  • Volunteer Module: Site Manager Training (site managers only)
  • Service Learning Module (if you have that module)
  • Self-paced Learning Management System (LMS) trainings for Community Connect clients.

Note: An agency manager is someone who manages one or more agencies on a Get Connected site. A site manager manages the entire site--settings, spotlights, branding, user data, notifications, reports, etc. 

Training for Agency Managers

Prerequisites: None

Description: Agency training is recommended for both site managers and agency managers. In addition to showing the "Connect experience" from a volunteer's perspective, it shows how to sign an agency up for the site, create an agency account, post needs and events, add photos, and approve volunteer hours.

As a site manager, you should:

  • Attend an agency training as a prerequisite to all site-manager trainings.
  • Reach out to your agency managers with training-registration information. It's important that they register for and attend an agency training before posting needs and events.

Training for Site Managers

Site manager training consists of two separate webinars: Site Setup and Site Management.

Site Settings

Prerequisite: Agency Manager Training

Description: This is the first training you'll want to take as a new site manager. It covers the basics you'll need to begin your site design, set up user and agency registration forms, develop custom causes and interests (as needed), and more.

This webinar lasts approximately 45 minutes. To allow for questions, you should set aside a full hour for the training.

Site Management

Prerequisites: Agency Manager and Site Setup Trainings

Description: Second in our series of site manager training, this webinar focuses on general management of agencies, needs, and users; communication with users via email blast, automated notifications, and in-app messaging; and accessing reports.

This webinar runs between 35 and 45 minutes. To allow for questions, you should set aside a full hour for the training.

Service Learning Module (SLM)

Prerequisites and Other Requirements: Agency Manager, Site Setup, and Site Management Trainings; learning management system is available only to those clients who have purchased SLM. Contact us if you'd like to request a demo or learn more about SLM.

Description: SLM is an addition to Get Connected's core platform. Designed primarily for college and university environments, this module pairs students with the right service opportunities and allows school officials to see student progress in real time.

Training is an interactive LMS and covers the skills needed to set up courses and get the students, teachers, and agencies involved. It provides an overview of the SLM from the perspectives of the site manager, professor, student, and agency manager.

Sign Up: Contact us to receive access to the SLM LMS (learning management system).

Learning Management System (LMS) Trainings

Self-paced LMS trainings feature short videos accompanied by articles that you can watch and read at your own pact. Currently, LMS trainings are available for the following:

  • Community Connect - For all Community Connect clients.
  • Corporate/Campus Connect 1 - For Corporate/Campus Connect sites that do not post their own needs and events but receive all of their agency, need, and event data from other site via the Galaxy Link.
  • Corporate/Campus Connect 2 - For Corporate/Campus Connect sites that have an internal posting page but who primarily use content that originates on another site and is shared via the Galaxy Link.
  • Corporate/Campus Connect 3 - For Corporate/Campus Connect sites that have multiple internal posting pages.

LMS trainings are also available for Qualifications.

To request one of our LMS trainings, contact our Customer Care team.