This article serves as a space to explain the discovery and resolution of known issues that may affect Galaxy Digital clients.

Required Profile Fields Bypassed for SSO Users

Posted: June 7, 2018

Status: Ongoing; no fix available.

If fields are required in the user profile, users who log in directly (not using SSO) are immediately taken to the required field(s). Users who log in from another site via Single Sign-On (SSO) will not be taken to the required fields and will not be required to complete them in order to take other actions on the site. Managers of sites that use SSO may need to provide additional messaging to site users if certain profile fields are required.

Check-in May Time Out on iPad

Posted: March 13, 2018

Status: Ongoing; no fix available.

If an agency uses and iPad for volunteer check-in, the program may time out after 20 or more minutes of inactivity. This is an issue with the iPad in particular and not with other brands of tablets. This is not an issue for the Check-in Kiosk.

Images Not Appearing in Gmail

Posted: March 12, 2018

Status: Ongoing; no fix available.

Gmail does not display images that have a space in the filename. (Example: site logo.jpg) Because there is no fix available for this (it is a Gmail issue and does not apply for other email services), we recommend using images with no spaces in the file names when sending images in an email blast or including images in automated notifications.

Nonstandard Email Addresses May Be Accepted

Posted: March 1, 2018

Status: Ongoing; issue is due to how the validation system used by Connect sites works.

If an email address lacks a suffix (.com, .net, .org, etc.), it may be accepted by the Connect system as a legitimate email address.

Email "Resend" Feature Disabled

Posted: October 11, 2017

Status: Ongoing

Due to issues related to archiving, the site manager's ability to resend a notification or email blast message to a user has been removed. We are currently working on a fix and will update this article once the feature has been restored.

Hub/Portal Issues

Posted: October 2, 2017

Status: To be addressed in a future enhancement cycle

Currently, an agency manager on a hub site cannot manually add a response for a user from the portal site.

Team Slots Lost When Team Member Unregisters

Posted: August 2017

Status: Fixed

If a team member unregisters from a team, that team member's "slot" does not become a reserved slot for the team. In other words, the team loses that slot, which becomes part of the total available volunteer slots for the need. This also happens if a site manager removes a team member from the Response Management area (Volunteerism > Responses).

This does not happen if the team member is unregistered from the team by a team leader or by a site manager working in an area other than the Response Management page. In those cases, the unregistered member's slot becomes a reserved slot for the team.

All For Good Link is Down

Posted: July 17, 2017

Status: Fix Not Currently Available
The Get Connected link on the All For Good website ( is currently down. We are currently researching this issue and hope to resolve it very soon. In the meantime, new integrations must go through

Disabled SSL Preventing Some Sites from Loading

Posted: July 3, 2017

Status: Fixed (7/3/2017 at 10:32 a.m. EDT)

A scheduled outage this weekend resulted in a problem with the * load balancer. As a result, Galaxy Digital had to disable SSL from loading by default in order to get sites up and running again. Sites are loading properly for clients who use a vanity domain, but they are not loading for those using a URL that ends in "" We apologize for this inconvenience and are hard at work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Help Center Not Accessible via Link

Posted: May 18, 2017

Status: Resolved, 5/26/2017

Some site managers were not able to access Help Center articles when trying to access them via a link, either in their site manager panel or in an email from Galaxy Customer Care. These clients were getting a message that they weren't logged in or allowed to access the Help Center information they'd been linked to.

We have resolved this situation by making all articles in the Help Center public so that login is not required.

Security Warning Pop-ups Appearing on Sites

Posted: March 23, 2017

Status: Ongoing

The most recent versions of certain browsers (including Firefox and Chrome) have begun giving “unsecured” warnings like this one on websites that don't have their own SSL (security) certificate:

This warning message does not mean that your site’s security has changed. Rather, it is now being flagged because it doesn’t have a security certificate. Galaxy Digital's hosting company, Amazon Web Services, is aware of this, and they're currently researching a solution. If this is a problem for your site's users, you have several short-term options in the meantime:

Important: If you choose one of the first two options below (directing visitors to your site's alias domain or setting up a redirect), please let use know, as we will need to make some changes on our end for the domain to work properly.

  • Direct visitors to your site’s “alias” domain. This is the original domain your site was assigned when your organization first purchased your volunteer software from Galaxy Digital. It is identical to your current site, and security is covered under our ‘wildcard’ certificate—which means that visitors won’t get the “unsecured” warning. If you use this option, remember to change any links to the site (such as from our homepage, on social media, etc.)
  • Set up a redirect. This option is a variation on the previous one, where you’re using your site’s alias. Instead of manually directing visitors to the alias domain, however, you would have visitors automatically redirected when they try to access the domain you’re currently using. As with the previous option, security will be covered under our “wildcard” certificate.
  • Keep using your current domain and purchase an SSL certificate for it. With this option, our hosting arrangement with Amazon Web Services would require you to also purchase a load balancer for you site. The cost includes a setup fee, plus an annual maintenance feel. Contact our Customer Care team for more details if you are considering this route.

We realize that these solutions may be inconvenient and cost-prohibitive, and we are working with Amazon Web Services to determine other ways to satisfy the new requirements from those browsers.

Shift Needs with No Shifts Cannot Be Accessed

Status: Ongoing

Needs with durations of "Recurring Shifts" or "Custom Shifts" must have at least one shift. If a shift need has only one shift and that shift is removed, the need itself will not be accessible by anyone--not the volunteer, not the agency manager, and not the site manager. You will need to contact Galaxy support in order to have the need restored.

Shift Needs With No Capacity Reflect "100" as Volunteer Spots Available

Status: This issue may occur for some existing needs but will not occur for needs that are posted or imported in the future. There is no fix in place for the few existing needs, and no fix is required for future needs. This is a temporary problem that will no longer be an issue once the affected needs have expired.

10/10/2016 | A capacity (number of volunteer spots available) is required for recurring- and custom-shift needs. In some cases (for example, for certain imported needs), a site may have a shift need that does not have a capacity entered. In these rare cases, the shift will have an unlimited number of volunteer spots. Because a number is required on the need posting, however, Galaxy Digital will use the number "100" in that space. This number does not affect the need capacity, which is unlimited; it simply fills a space that is required to have data in our code.

Database Issues Causing Slow Load Times, Errors

Status: Temporary Fix in Place

5/23/2016 | Get Connected sites were down temporarily at around 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time as we worked to address reported problems of error messages and slow load times in Get Connected. We were able to put in a temporary fix that allowed sites to go back up with faster load times. We have not yet addressed the root of the problem and are working on a permanent fix at this time.

Login Issues

Status: Fixed

3/23/2016 | Users reported getting an "invalid login credentials" message when trying to log into Get Connected. This problem was the result of a security update; the encryption change caused issues validating user login credentials for some users. The bug was fixed by reapplying the security update to those users.

If you continue to have trouble logging into Get Connected, please contact our Customer Care team.

Slow Load Times Due to In-App Messaging Uploads

Status: Fixed

3/31/2016 | Users with a large volume of messages in their in-app messaging inbox were experiencing slow load-times of their Get Connected platform. This issue was corrected, but as part of the fix, all messages in users' in-app messaging inboxes were marked as read. We regret the inconvenience this may have caused, but it was a necessary step in fixing the slow load times that our sites were experiencing.

New messages that come in after the fix will be marked as unread.

Hub Agencies receive a Portal Link after Portal Need Response

Status: Ongoing

4/11/2016 | Get Connected can facilitate the exchange of agency data, need data, and more by establishing a "hub/portal connection." In this arrangement, the agencies and needs that appear on the hub are passed to the portal. Portal users can then respond to hub needs without leaving the portal. When a portal user responds to a need owned by a hub agency, agency managers are sent an email. That email uses the hub's notification templates, but it contains a link to the portal users' view of the need instead of showing the hub users' view of the need.

Limitation in Team Leader Ability to Edit Team Member Information

Status: Ongoing

4/21/2016 | A team leader can use the Manage Teams area for viewing, adding, or deleting team members. One thing the team leader cannot do is edit an existing team member's information. If a team leader wishes to edit data for an existing team member, they must delete and then re-register the team member with the new information.

Example: If a team leader adds Lupe Barkleigh to a team but does not include Lupe's email, the team leader cannot go back later and add an email address to Lupe's registration. The team leader would need to delete Lupe's original registration from the team, and then add her back with the first name, last name, and email address.

Deleting and then re-adding a team member will result in two user accounts on your Get Connected site: one with just a first and last name, and one with a first name, last name, and email address. These accounts can easily be merged; site managers who wish to have certain user accounts merged should contact us with their request.

Need Responses Created at the Same Second Can Overbook a Shift

Status: Ongoing

1/13/2017 | If multiple users create a response at precisely the same microsecond when a shift has limited capacity, the shift can be overbooked. Overbooking only occurs when 1) there are more responses than the capacity of the shift allows and 2) the responses are submitted at the same second.

Example: Two users find the same need with one spot remaining and click respond. They are then each taken to the Response form for that need. They submit the response form at the same time. The need will have a capacity of "-1" signifying that it has been overbooked.

This is an extremely rare occurrence and is difficult to trigger, even in QA testing. Managers should not be concerned that this will happen to their needs under reasonable circumstances.

Some Sites Exceed Three-Spotlight Limit

Status: Ongoing

2/9/2017 | Some Get Connected sites have been able to exploit a bug and add more than three Spotlights to their site. While the logged in and logged out versions of the Dashboard continue to only show the first three spotlights, the left navigation of the site can show more. This produces minor layout errors on some sites at certain window sizes.

Because this issue is happening on a small number of sites and is only adversely affecting those sites a small amount under the most specific of conditions, a fix is currently being planned for version 2.9 to be released Spring-Summer 2017.