If you are a team leader, you have certain team-management capabilities that regular team members don't have. This article focuses on how team leaders can use their My Teams area to:

Accessing the "My Teams" Area

To access your team management area, log into your site and select My Teams from your profile dropdown.

The My Teams page features a table listing of the teams you are on. The table shows the following information:

  • Name of the team
  • Title of the need responded to
  • Title of the initiative, as applicable
  • Name of the agency that posted the need
  • Date the team was created
  • Number of members; hover your cursor over the number to see each team member's first name and last name initial.
  • The Manage Team link; click here for more information.

Note: The number in the Members column reflects the total slots reserved. If a team has five reserved slots but has only filled two of them, the number in the Members column will still be "5."

Options in My Teams

For a team leader, the Options column displays a Manage Team link that takes you to the team's Need Response page; see Editing Team Information, below. This link is available for team creators and team leaders only; for anyone else viewing their My Team page, this link is replaced by an option to email the team leader.

In the Options column in the image above, the volunteer can click Manage Team if they are the leader of that team. If they are only a member (not a leader or creator) of the team, they will have options to email the leader or remove themselves from the team.

About Public and Private Needs

If a need listed in the My Teams table is private, you will see a "lock" icon to the right of the need name. Because needs are public by default, non-private needs do not have a "lock" icon.

Managing Your Team

To manage your team, go to My Teams and click Manage Team for a selected team. You'll see a new area that has three sections:

  • Team Members - Edit team member data, submit volunteer hours, and access other features described below.
  • Team Hours - View the status of submitted hours and edit them as needed; learn more here.

Note: Once you create a team, the name you select can only be changed or updated by a site manager. If you'd like to request a team name change, please reach out to your site manager for help. You can also create a new team with a different name.

Team Members

The Team Members section includes many capabilities for you as a team leader.

Use this section to:

  • Email team members - Click on a team member's email address to open the email form, or mark the check boxes for multiple team members and click the Email Members button above the table.
    Both actions will open an email form. Complete the form and click Send Email.

    Note: Team members will not be able to respond to you by clicking a Reply button in their email. If you want them to respond, be sure to include your email address in the body of the email.

  • Add or remove team members - If there are spaces available for the need, an Add Team Member button will be available above the table of team members. 
  • If you add a team member who does not have an account, they will receive and invitation to complete their profile, and you will see them in the table named Team Invitations.
  • To remove a team member, click the X in the Options column. 
  • Change the number of Reserved Slots.
  • Send a link to potential team members to join the team - In lieu of adding team members manually, you can send a "team join link" to potential team members. When they click the link, they'll be taken to a page where they can learn more about the need and join the team. To copy the link to your clipboard, click the Copy Join Link button above the table.
  • View the team's resume - This PDF displays a team's hours and responses for the past six months in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Only a team creator, team leader, or site manager can access the resume initially, but you can email the link to anyone to view. To copy the link to your clipboard, click the Copy Resume Link button above the table.

Note: Some Connect sites may use a different term than "résumé." Your site may not reflect the exact wording shown in this article.

  • Edit a team member's response  - Click the "pencil" icon in the Options column to access a team member's response for editing.You cannot edit their name or email, but you can edit other fields, such as response questions and initiative questions.
  • Add or change team leaders - To add or change team leaders, mark or clear the applicable check boxes in the Leader column of the Team Members table.
  • Submit volunteer hours - Click the "hourglass" icon in the Options table to submit hours on behalf of a single team member. When adding hours for single team members, you can select a shared user group for that team member. To submit hours for multiple members, mark the check boxes to the left of the members' names, and then click the Add Default Hours button above the table.

    Note: To select all team members, mark the check box in the table's heading row. If you use this option to add hours, you will not be able to select user groups for your team members.

  • View hours statuses for team members - Click the Table Filter to see what hours have already been submitted for team members, and what the statuses of those hours are.Note: Before adding hours, check to see if a team member has already submitted the hours.

Team Hours

While you can add hours for a volunteer in Team Members , you can use the Team Hours section to view and edit those hours.

To edit the Date, Hours, and other fields for submitted volunteer hours, click the "pencil" icon in the Options column. Click Submit Hour Entry to save your changes.

Note: You can only edit hours that have a status of pending. Once hours have been approved or denied, a team leader cannot change them. 

Deleting a Team Response

Note: If you wish to unregister a team response and you are the team leader, you must assign another team leader first.

When you unregister your team from a need, the agency manager will be messaged immediately via email.

To delete your team's response:

  1. From your profile dropdown, select My Teams.

    You'll be taken to a table listing all of the teams you're a part of, whether as a team member or a team leader.
  2. Click Manage Team, located in the Options column, for the team you wish to unregister.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Unregister Team.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the unregistration.