This article is geared toward volunteers using a Connect site. If you are an agency manager, check out this article on the volunteer schedule available to agency managers. If you are a site manager, see this article on viewing and managing volunteer schedules.

You can check your volunteer schedule at any time to see your scheduled volunteer opportunities that are associated with a particular date.

To access your volunteer schedule, click Volunteer Schedule in your profile menu, located in the top right-hand corner of your Connect site.

By default, the calendar reflects the current month. Use the arrows to move between months.

You can also filter responses to needs that were posted by a certain agency, occur in a certain area, or contain a certain keyword or phrase.

Hold your cursor over a need title (don't click) to see the details of the need.

Click on a need to be taken to your need-response page, where you can read the need description, view your response, and edit it as needed.

Click here to view a video about the volunteer schedule feature.