While ideas sometimes originate from within Galaxy Digital, the vast majority come from you--the site managers who use Galaxy Digital's products daily and can report, firsthand, how you think the system can be more useful. These ideas often arise when a client reports finding some aspect of their Galaxy Digital product confusing or unclear. You can, of course, directly share and idea at any time by posting to the Product Suggestions Forum.

Before Posting a Product Suggestion

It's possible that someone else has already posted a similar idea, so use the search feature to see if your fellow site managers are already talking about it. This is a great opportunity to "upvote" an existing suggestion by leaving a comment about how the idea can help your site specifically. Each time a suggestion receives a comment or is upvoted, Galaxy's Customer Care team revisits it in their next enhancements meeting.

When Posting a Product Suggestion

When posting, please provide the following information:

  • Examples from your experience that show why your idea would make the system work better for you, your agency managers, or your volunteers.
  • If you're asking to change how something works, tell us how you'd like to see it work.
  • Reason(s) for your request. Do you want a new feature because it will save time? Because it will make data more secure? Because it will look nicer or less cluttered on the screen?

    Note: Your reasons are so important! We use them to support our arguments when we decide which ideas to present to Development, how we will prioritize our proposed enhancements, and how we'll submit a proposed enhancement for final consideration.

After Posting a Product Suggestion

We get hundreds of product suggestions and cannot follow up to every single one, though we do strive to answer all requests here in the forums. If you are curious about where your request is in our enhancements cycle, add a comment to your original suggestion, and we will follow up.