As an agency manager, you can use the Check-in Kiosk for simple volunteer check-in and check-out. The Kiosk feature can be used for any need on your site, as long as the need is associated with a set number of hours. (To assign hours to a need, complete the Hours or Shift Hours field on the need form, as applicable.) If a volunteer did not previously respond to a need, they can still check in to it using the Kiosk. 

Note: Other check-in options are available. If you want to check off your volunteers as they arrive and leave, see our article on the Agency List Tool. To see how volunteers can check in and out on their phones, see Volunteer Self Check-in.

You can only access the Kiosk if you are logged in as an agency/program or site manager, but you will have to log out to launch the Kiosk for your volunteers. This step helps ensure that volunteers cannot access your management tools when checking in on your agency's device.

To launch the Kiosk:

  1. Log in to your Connect site and click My Agency to access your agency management area. (If you manage multiple agencies, select the applicable one.)
  2. From your agency management area, click Check-in to view the list of needs available for check-in.

    Note: Depending on your site's settings you may see just the needs for your agency or program, or you may see needs from all agencies or programs on your site.

  3. Click the Check-in Kiosk button on the right-hand side of your screen.
  4. Click Continue to log out and launch the Kiosk. It is now ready for volunteer use. For more information on the volunteer's experience of the Kiosk, see the article Checking In with the Kiosk.

Click here to view a short video on launching the Kiosk from your agency/program management area.