This article is for site managers. It focuses on the steps to take for imported users. To learn more about imports, see Galaxy's Data Import Policy and Frequently Asked Questions: Imports.

Once Galaxy Digital has imported your file of users to your site, those new user accounts are given a status of "Imported." When you are ready for your site to go "live," one of your most important steps is to activate those user accounts. When you activate user accounts:

  • The user statuses are changed from "Imported" to "Active."
  • A notification is sent to all newly activated users, letting them know they have an account and providing a temporary password so they can log in.

Until a user has an active account, they cannot log in to your site, respond to needs, or log hours.

To activate imported users:

  1. From your Manager Panel, go to Volunteerism > Users. A list of users is displayed.
  2. Click on User FilterĀ to open the user filter, and then run a filter on User Data > User Status > is > imported.
  3. Click Submit to view only those users with a imported status.
  4. From the Select an Action dropdown, select Activate Imported Users.
  5. Click the Activate Imported Users button to confirm your selection. Two actions are triggered at this point:
  • The users' accounts are activated.
  • Each user receives an email that (1) welcomes them to your site and (2) provides a temporary password so that they can log into the site.

    Note: The template for this message is titled "User Imported Message". Click here to learn how to edit the text of this and other notification templates.