This article is for site managers. It focuses on the steps to take for imported users. To learn more about imports, see Galaxy's Data Import Policy and Frequently Asked Questions: Imports.

When agencies are imported, they are given a status of "Imported." Imported agencies (and any imported needs belonging to them) will not be visible on your imported site until the agencies are activated. Imported users cannot access the site until their accounts have been activated.

To activate imported agencies:

  1. From your Manager Panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies. A list of agencies is displayed.
  2. Select Imported from the Status dropdown.
    Only your imported agencies are now displayed. In addition, a message with a Send Notification Now button is now available.
  3. Select the agency or agencies to activate by marking each applicable checkbox. To select all agencies, mark the box in the column heading.
  4. Click the Send Notification Now button near the top of the screen. Two actions are triggered:
  • The selected agencies are made active on the site.
  • Each agency manager receives an email that (1) informs them that they've been designated as an agency manager, and (2) tells them how to log into both the site and the Agency Management Area.

    Note: The template for this message is titled "Agency Imported Message." Click here to learn how to edit the text of this and other notification templates.

Your agencies are now activated. If you imported any needs for these agencies, those needs will now be visible on your Manager Panel and on your public Connect site.