Galaxy Digital requires that all Connect sites have an SSL certificate for their domain. 

An SSL certificate ensures that all of the data going to and from a site is encrypted, and that all user data on the site is secure. On most browsers, a secure site is typically indicated in the address bar, as shown in this example (from Chrome) for a standard Connect domain:

When you first sign on with Galaxy Digital, your site will be assigned a URL ending in This domain comes with an SSL (security) certificate.

If you wish to use a more branded, "vanity" domain (such as anytownvolunteers,org or, you can. Vanity domains are not secure by default, however. Sites without an SSL certificate will show up as "not secure" in the address bar of most browsers:

If you want to use a vanity domain, be aware that it will include the cost of an SSL certificate and possible other costs. Let your launch representative know if you're considering a vanity domain, and they can give you more information on costs involved.

Note: While a vanity domain is an option, your Connect site cannot be a subpage on another site (such as, for example. Your Connect platform is its own standalone site, and this will be reflected in the URL. If you wish to set up a redirect from a subpage URL to your Connect site, talk to your web designer about your options.