Some volunteer opportunities require that the volunteers sign a waiver in order to participate. If a minor wants to volunteer, their parent or guardian may be required to sign a portion of the waiver.

Click here to view our video on eSigning a waiver as a minor.

How Does a Minor Access a Waiver?

A minor can access a waiver in the My Qualifications area of their user profile, or by clicking the Sign Waiver button on a need posting. Once they've consented to sign the waiver, they'll be asked to enter their birth date (if it's not already on their user profile). Once the system has determined that they are a minor, they'll be prompted to provide the name and email address of their parent or guardian:

Once the minor has submitted their parent/guardian information, two things happen:

  • The minor is able to view and sign their portion of the waiver.
  • The parent or guardian receives a notification with a link to the waiver, which they can then open, sign, and submit.

Once the parent or guardian has submitted the waiver, the volunteer opportunity becomes accessible to the minor, and who can then proceed to sign up for it.

What Parent/Guardian Information is Captured?

The following parent/guardian data is captured during this process:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Waiver signatures
  • Timestamp (when signed)
  • Browser
  • IP address

Note: As parent or guardian of a volunteer, you are not required to created a Connect platform account in order to sign a waiver for a minor, but your information will be protected with all of the care used to protect our volunteers' private information.