This article is for site managers whose Connect platforms have the Service Learning Module. It covers how to find specific users with the users filter and how to contact those users individually or in groups. For an overview of the filter, see this article on the User Filter.

SLM User Filter

To filter for agency managers, leaders, or members within Service Learning, go to the User Management area from your manager panel (Volunteerism > Users). You will see a full list of your registered users.

Click the User Filter link to open the filter.

In this example, there are 93 total users before we begin filtering.

The “And/Any” Dropdown

When applying more than one filter, select “And” or “Any” from the dropdown.

  • Select And if you want all filter criteria to apply.
  • Select Any if you want to view users who match any (but not necessarily all) of the filter criteria.
  • If you are only filtering for Service Learning, you may not need to use more than one filter.

Filter Options

You will see several options in the Select a Filter dropdown. The one you will most often use in this context is “Service Learning.”

In the dropdown that appears, select the type of user you want to filter for. The options are:

  • Agency Managers – the people who represent the nonprofits and are posting the service opportunities for the school
  • Leader – professors, adjuncts, teaching assistants, or other user group leaders
  • Member – all members of the user group, including students and leaders

Two more dropdowns appear where you will filter further. You can filter for student who are or who are not part of a block.

The second dropdown allows you to select the block you want to filter for. In the example below, we have filtered for Service Learning Leaders who participated in the Spring 2018 Block.

After you have selected the filter you want, click Submit.

This filter reduces our number of users to 9. You now see those individuals who have been designated as user group leaders for the selected block.

Saving the Filter

If you have created a filter you will use often, you can save that filter. With the filter still in place, type and title for the filter in the field and click the Save User Filter button. Be sure to use a title that will be meaningful later, such as “Spring 2018 Leaders.”

Saved filters will appear in a dropdown labeled Select Saved Filter.

Reaching Out to Those Volunteers

You can now take several actions related to those volunteers:

  • You can email a volunteer directly by clicking on their email address.
  • You can go to a volunteer’s profile by clicking on their name. From there you can view the volunteer’s user groups, SLM hours, and other profile information.

Using the User Filter with the Email Blast

You can also email all volunteers within a filter by doing an email blast.

  1. In the manager panel, go to Communication > Email Blast.
  2. Apply the same filter and click Submit.
  3. Load or complete an email to your selected volunteers by following the steps for completing an email blast.

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