In the introductory videos, Michelle talked about how this entire Curriculum is guided, but unlocked. We suggest working through the courses and lessons in order - to get the total learning experience. But we also encourage you to make the decisions that are best for you and your goals.

Each course follows a pattern. There are accordion files that segment out the lessons into bite-sized pieces that make the learning more engaging and manageable. It works like this:

If you click this accordion file heading... opens this sub-topic that gives a best practice designed for you.

Then when you click this accordion file...

...the next best practice opens and the other one closes.

The final accordion files...

...will often contain links to articles in out Help Center and sometimes videos on our Vimeo Channel.

Great! You've finished the introduction to this Curriculum. Return to the main United Way Curriculum folderĀ to begin your learning experience.