So, you’re new here. Don’t worry, we saved you a seat at the table and will gladly show you around. Learning new software can be daunting, but we are experts around here. Let’s see what launching your product looks like.

Initial Launch Call

We’ll kick things off with you on a scheduled phone call. We think of this call a little bit like an interview, but without the same pressure. 

On this call, we begin to understand your vision for how you want to mesh the capabilities of GetConnected with your United Way’s mission. This call lasts about 30 minutes and is a high-level discussion. No screen-sharing or terminology knowledge needed. You’ll leave the call with a training plan, an understanding of initial tasks to take on, and hopefully with a lot of excitement to move forward.

Training & Questionnaire

Here at Galaxy, we’re dedicated to empowering our clients with knowledge about how to use the software. After your first call, you’ll receive an email from us with some important links and tasks.

Live Trainings

First, you see instructions on how to begin training. Early on, you’ll learn the basics of what your new site will do for your United Way. All United Way clients go through our live trainings, which is a great way to experience the software and ask your questions with a trainer in real-time. Once you complete your basic training, your launcher will have some specialized trainings for you on your second call.


In the follow-up email to your initial launch call, you’ll not only receive training registration links, but also a link to a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help your launcher better understand your processes, what matters most to your United Way, and what features to focus on as you get ready to share your site with your community.

Strategy Call

We love this call because of all the benefit it brings you. Now that your launcher has a better understanding of your United Way’s goals and vision for the platform, they are going to start putting some plans in motion. 

This call covers three key themes: 

  • any remaining questions you have after training, 

  • reviewing the progress you’ve made on your site so far (like uploading a banner or editing your user registration form), 

  • and what features you’ll be learning next, based on what your launcher learned from your questionnaire answers. 

This call can be a little bit longer than the first, but you’ll leave with a solid game plan for what needs to happen next.


As you get started, your launcher will email your tasks to make sure you’re on track to launch your platform as soon as possible. Our goal is to have clients ready to share their platform with their community within 90 days or less. We know that United Ways juggle a lot of responsibilities, but the sooner the site is up and going, the sooner you can streamline volunteerism and agency involvement in one central place.

These tasks will be provided via email, and you can also use this curriculum to see what’s coming next when it comes to tasks. By the way, you might also hear from other members of the Support team here at Galaxy if you email questions. We divide up responses according to our team’s expertise. But most of your communication early on, such as these tasks, with be from your launcher.

Blast-Off Call

Once you’ve completed all your tasks, and you’re ready to share your site with the community, we’ll have a Blast-Off Call.  

This call is the third and final call of the launch process and will happen when you are ready to link your site on your main United Way webpage and ultimately give the site to volunteers. On this call, you can ask any last-minute questions and share your thoughts on the launch experience. But mostly we are going to cheer because you did it! You’ve launched your platform! 

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