At Galaxy Digital, we use your language as much as we can - friendly, easily understood terms. That’s our style. But every project or software has its own specialized vocabulary, and Get Connected is no different.

Some Familiar Words, Some New Ones

You'll need to know some terms as you begin to build your site. We use some software terms and some volunteer management terms. We'll talk about site design, including things like banners and color codes. We also refer to some specific roles and responsibilities. 

Many of these terms will be familiar to you because so much of our language revolves around United Ways. Still, we will help you out along the way by making new concepts clear in everyday language.

A Sampling of Important Terms

Site Manager (or Admin) - This is you. Site managers are responsible for managing their organization's GetConnected platform and can access lots of data and volunteer information.

Agencies - A critical piece of the GetConnected puzzle, most commonly an organization that wants to post needs and events on your site. Or this might be a program within your local United Way that will post needs.

Agency Manager - An individual who will be able to edit an agency’s profile, post needs on behalf of an agency, and approve any hours that a volunteer submits to their agency. 

Need - A detailed posting of how, when, and where volunteers serve so that they can help their communities and make a difference.

Need Response - When a volunteer is pumped up to get involved, this is what it's called when they register for a need.

Hours - The numbers (and other details) that a volunteer can submit when they work on behalf of an agency.

The Official Get Connected Glossary

Anytime we say something that is unclear, or if you just forget what a word means in the context of Get Connected, you can refer to our A to Z (well, A to W, really) glossary of terms.


Click to view the Official Connect Glossary


That glossary lives in our Help Center. We'll tell you more about that in a later step in this course. This glossary article is only a small sample of what you will find in the Help Center.

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