When a volunteer responds to a need, their response information is stored in your Get Connected system. In this lesson, you will learn how to locate and edit these responses.

Searching and Filtering Need Responses

The “Responses” section, located under your “Volunteerism” tab, is your one-stop-shop for nearly all information related to volunteer responses to your needs or your agencies’ needs. Within the “Need Responses” section, you will notice a table that organizes need responses by user. In other words, every time a user signs up for a need on your site, all relevant information is automatically added to this table: 

Over time, this table will contain a lot of need responses. That’s where the handy search and filters come in! The Table Filter allows you to view and hide information related to each response: 

When you select a display category, the column is added to the table. You’ll notice that many of the columns have a search bar located beneath the display category:

Let’s say you wanted to search for responses related to a specific agency. You can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure “Agency” is selected in the Table Filter. 

  1. Use the search bar located in the “Agency” column to type the name of the agency.

  1. Press Enter and your table will show you only users who have responded to needs belonging to the agency you searched for.  

Here are some filters you may find useful:

  • Search by “Need” to view volunteers who have already signed-up for a specific need. 

  • Search by “Shift Begins” to view a list of all volunteers showing up on the given date (this is especially useful for supplying an attendance list for day-of managers). 

  • Search by “Initiative” to view volunteers who have signed up for all needs associated with an Initiative (such as all needs and agencies associated with your 2019 Day of Caring Initiative). 

Once you have filtered these responses you can export the list:

Adding and Editing Responses on Behalf of a Volunteer

As a United Way Site Manager, you’ll rely mostly on your site’s Agency Managers to keep track of their volunteers’ responses to needs. However, you can become acquainted with all aspects of managing volunteer responses in the event your agencies have questions. In some cases, the Agency Manager will have to respond to a need for a volunteer (like if the volunteer does not have access to a computer). Other times managers may simply need to edit a need response that has already been submitted. 

  • To learn how to add a response, view this article. 

  • To learn how to edit a response, view this article. 

Adding Default Hours

You can submit hours on behalf of the volunteer by assigning “default hours.” Default hours are determined by the need’s shift length. Say the volunteer signed up for a need from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM. If you decide to log these hours for the volunteer using the “Add Default Hours” button, the system will add two hours to the volunteer’s profile. Note that the hours on the need form must indicate two hours. 

To learn how to add default hours on behalf of a volunteer, check out this article. 

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