The Check-in Kiosk is a built-in application that allows Agency Managers to check-in and check-out volunteers on location. Read more about why we think it's a useful tool, and find plenty of resources to share with Agency Managers:

Why Use the Check-In Kiosk?

Each Connect site has a built-in Check-in Kiosk that allows volunteers to check-in and check-out of a need when they arrive on site. Here are a few reasons we think it’s a useful (and time-saving) tool for Site Managers and Agency Managers: 

  • Collect attendance easily: When volunteers arrive on site, they’ll simply use the check-in kiosk to sign-in, so you won’t have to worry about roll call. Volunteers can check-in themselves quickly and simply, so it’s smooth sailing for the start!

  • Simplify logging hours: When a volunteer checks into and checks out of an opportunity (or their shift ends) using the Check-In Kiosk, their hours are logged, drastically reducing time spent manually entering hours (for volunteers, Site Managers, and Agency Managers). 

  • Reduce paper: No more paper sign-in sheets (and recording attendance and hours later)! 

Site Settings for Check-In Kiosk

Before your agencies can use the Check-in Kiosk, you’ll just need to select a few settings to ensure you’re getting the most out of the Kiosk. To access the settings, click on Main Settings in the Settings menu:

In your Main Settings tab, scroll down until you find the Check-In Kiosk field:

You’ll need to take only three actions to ensure the Check-in Kiosk is ready for your agencies to use:

  1. Choose your Time Zone. Choose your current time zone for accurate hours tracking.

  2. Show Needs from All Agencies

    • If you select “No”: Volunteers using the site will only see needs posted to the agency that opened the Kiosk. Most United Way sites like yours select “No” because they tend to work with many partner agencies who post lots of needs. By not allowing volunteers to see needs from other agencies, volunteers are more likely to find the need they’re checking in to quickly. 

    • If you select “Yes”: Volunteers can view and check-in to all needs posted on your site (regardless of the agency using the kiosk). 

  3. Create a Kiosk front page message. This is what volunteers will read before they check-in. So you can provide instructions to guide your volunteers no matter which agency they are working with. 

Prepare Your Agencies

Your agencies are going to love using the Check-in Kiosk because it helps them simplify their process and connects them with volunteers early on. All they need is a tablet, computer, or smartphone available at the opportunity location!

You can use the email blast to email all partner agencies at once. You may want to include some of the benefits of using the Check-in Kiosk (we’ve started this for you in the first tab!), too.

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