“I’m ready to go! How to I get started with this Get Connected platform?” Does this sound like you? Great.

What should I do now?

Well, that depends on how you’ve answered questions so far in this lesson. If you received a lot of transition support into your role from the previous admin, then you might be in great shape. In other words, how much did they train you?

If the handoff from your previous admin was brief, you might need more support from us.

Either way, we suggest you go through our basic training which includes some live and recorded introductions to the software. Reach out to Customer Care, and we’ll send you links to the trainings that are best suited to you.

We also suggest you go through many of the lessons included in the other courses of this curriculum. See the next tab for some suggestions.

Guided, but Unlocked

The entire curriculum follows the pattern of being guided, but unlocked. That means, you can start at the beginning and work through what we’ve created in the order we’ve provided. For a lot of new site managers, that will be the best choice. That way you get the full learning     experience.

By unlocked, we mean you can also simply drop in at any point in the curriculum to learn about a topic that is of interest to you. Or learn about a task that you need to accomplish soon.

For example, if your site already has the branding elements in place (banners, colors, and so on) you might not need to go through those lessons. But you might! You might want to make some changes to suit your style.

Similarly, your user registration or your custom questions may already be in place. If you’re good with what you have, move on to more relevant or urgent topics.

Still, let’s think about this. Even if your previous site manager provided a solid transition for you, there is real benefit to you in going through this curriculum. Part of what we do here is not just show you “how-to” - we also provide lots of best practices that are targeted to you as a local United Way. 

You also might learn things that you didn’t even know were available to you!

So, yes, the Curriculum is guided, but unlocked.  And we suggest guided.

I'm feeling good, but...

Don’t worry. We’ve got you. 

Once we know that you are a new site manager for your Get Connected site, we will be in touch to walk you through what you need to know to get up to speed. We’ll help you.

And at any point - as you are learning your new role or weeks, months, years down the road, you can always reach out to us with questions, ideas, or just to tell us about your day. You can reach us at Support @GalaxyDigital.com. We always love to hear from you.

You did it! This is the final lesson in the course for site managers who have taken over a Get Connected site. Return to the main United Way Curriculum folder to begin the overall Curriculum or dig in to topics of interest to you.