Version 2.17

Public release date: Sept, 2019

Version 2.17 of the Connect platform sees several small changes that will affect specific use cases. While none of these new features apply to every client, most clients will find at least one substantial.

Mobile App Messaging

The Volunteer Get Connected app has been increasingly popular among our clients, and site managers can now send a push notification directly to some or all of their users who have the app installed. Send people urgent updates or other information just like you would send an Email Blast.

New Reports

We've created a few new reports for a variety of use cases. To make these powerful reports, we've done quite a bit of work behind the scenes to make sure you can get lots of meaningful data without the page taking forever to load.

Dashboard Reports (Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly)

The Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly Dashboards are build with board members' oversight and volunteer centers' daily management in mind. Get a broad swath of information about how your site performed, and send the information to PDF so you can give it to your supervisor and let them know the benefit the site is having.

FEMA Report

Disasters are happening more and more often. Get Connected sites are often called upon to facilitate spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers and other recovery and rebuilding tasks. The FEMA report is designed to be filtered for your disaster work and exported so you can give the data to FEMA for reimbursement. It has been designed to meet their expectations so that you don't have to fret over getting things pulled together.

Badges/Name-tags Report

This report is designed with two use cases in mind. If you're a facility that wants to print out a badge for all users on your site or if you are a facility that wants to print badges only for users who have a shift on a given day, you can do that. The report is designed to be lean so that it will work with any label maker or process you have.

Updates to the Data Explorer Reports

The Data Explorer reports now have date ranges. You can see data for all time or just a limited range. This will help you dig into your data and understand how your site is performing during a specific period.

Show/Hide Events

Many sites are not using Events or have been forced to shoehorn events into their workflow because the feature was always displayed to users. Now you can hide the Events links from users and from agency managers so that it's no longer in the way.

Qualification Approved Email

When a user submits a qualification answer and you mark it as Qualified, we will now email them to say they are approved. By communicating with a user when you approve their qualifications, you can encourage them to get back to the site and respond to needs that might have been hidden from them.

Qualifications' Link

You can now add a link to qualifications so that users can either get more information, watch an important video, read a document related to the qualification, and more. You set the link for each qualification individually so that the information is always relevant.

Days and End Times listed on Shifts

We added the day of the week (e.g., Mon, Tues, etc) and the end time to users' view of shifts. This will help them know when the shift takes place and what's being asked of them.

Select All When Responding

When a user responds to a need, they sometimes want to respond to all or most of the shifts. This new feature will let them jump in and get involved with fewer clicks.

Branding Updates

You might notice some branding updates. We've changed some of our logos, and you might hear us use different names for our products. The technology is still the same, but you might notice the following changes:

  • "Community Connect" has changed to "Get Connected Community"
  • "Campus Connect" has changed to "Get Connected Campus"
  • "Corporate Connect" has changed to "Get Connected Corporate"
  • "Get Connected" has changed to "Get Connected Central"