In response to recent CDC protective measures, you may have canceled some volunteer needs and kept others active (such as your COVID-19 response needs). To help your volunteers locate these active needs, we recommend that you put all active and continuing needs into a single Initiative. 

How to Add Active Needs to an Initiative in Bulk

You can add existing needs to an Initiative in two different ways, in bulk or individually. If you want to add existing needs to an Initiative in bulk, select Volunteerism > Needs in the Manager Panel. Once you’ve located the Needs page, select the needs that you would like to add to your Initiative. You can do so by selecting the checkboxes next to the need. If you’d like to select all Needs, click the very top checkbox next to the Need Title heading. 

Now that you have selected all the Needs that you would like to add to the Initiative, find the dropdown menu titled -- Actions for Selected Needs --. Click on this menu and select Assign or Remove Initiative.

From here, you can choose the Initiative that you’d like to assign to the selected needs. Click Update Initiative to apply. 

Now, revisit your Needs table. You’ll notice that the name of the Initiative has been added next to the selected needs under the Initiative column. 

How to Add Active Needs to an Initiative Individually

You may also want to add a need to an Initiative individually. To do so, go to Volunteerism > Needs and click on the need you would like to add. In the Update Need page, scroll to the Initiative field. Click the dropdown menu next to Initiative, and select the appropriate Initiative. 

Once you select the Initiative, you may have some Initiative Questions to answer (this depends on the Initiative). Answer any questions and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then select Update Need to save. 

You can read more about how to add needs to Initiatives in this article. For more information about Initiatives, check out this article