In uncertain times, it’s important to share information with your site users that are both accurate and concise. Using your software’s built-in Automated Notifications tool, you can ensure your messaging is consistent when communicating with your site users. We’ve compiled a shortlist of notification templates you can edit to reflect the current state of your volunteerism program.

Automated Notifications Sent to Volunteers

New User Welcome Message – This is the first email a new site user receives. Reflect any policy changes here. If you’re not actively recruiting volunteers at this time, use this notification to inform new volunteers that you will contact them when social distancing requirements are no longer in effect.

Need Response Thank You – This notification is prompted when a volunteer responds to a need on your site. Use this needs to share protocol and contact information in the event plans change. If you have created a virus-response Initiative, you’ll also want to make sure that the Need Response Thank You template contains the template key {{initiative_message}} so that any specific information you’ve included within the Initiative is included.

Volunteer Weekly Digest – This is a fantastic, automated way to keep your volunteers updated on the current state of your organization. You can add messaging and images that show your appreciation, and encourage folks to check out any specific needs that need their help. 

Automated Notifications Sent to Agency/Program Managers

Notice of Need Response – This notification alerts an agency manager when a volunteer responds to their needs. We recommend editing this template so that the agency is informed of the next steps in the event a volunteer has responded to a canceled or postponed needs. It’s an efficient way for you (the site manager) to share any reminders of policies and protocols.

Agency Incomplete Notification – Now, more than ever, it’s important that all agencies and programs have updated their profiles to reflect accurate operational hours, volunteer needs, and general information about the organization. You can quickly reach out to folks who have incomplete profiles following steps here. But before you do so, we recommend you edit the “Agency Incomplete Notification” template to include messaging that encourages agencies to complete their profiles.