We know that you play a critical role in helping your communities during crisis situations. So, we have compiled some ways to use your Get Connected site to respond to COVID-19. To help most of our clients regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we recommend using our Initiatives feature to direct volunteers to the right projects at this time.

Initiatives: An Overview

We offer:

NEW VIDEO: Using Initiatives for Virus Response

We have created a new video designed to help you use Initiatives to manage volunteers and needs during a virus outbreak such as COVID-19.

Watch the Video Now

Other Tips for Using Initiatives

Use the Initiatives Banner to convey key information. You might typically use it simply as a header for grouped needs. But you can put lots of detail in the Banner which will show up at the top of the page for all of those grouped needs. For example: 

  • Your guidelines for social distancing
  • Safety policies during solo volunteering
  • Hand washing and other hygiene precautions
  • What a volunteer should do if they exhibit symptoms

Deactivate other Spotlights so that volunteer attention is focused on this Initiative.

Put all and only needs that you want volunteers to do now under the Initiative.