We appreciate all that you are doing, especially as you adapt to a situation that is changing daily. With many locations moving to shelter-in-place policies, many of you will need to limit what your volunteers and partners are able to do for a while.

  • Do you need to delete large lists of volunteer opportunities/needs? 
  • Or perhaps make them private so that no one sees them? 
  • Or would you like to limit the number of people who can respond to your existing opportunities/needs?

We have put in place some tools and processes to help you with these important tasks. 

Take Action on All Your Needs at Once

Our Customer Experience Team has special access during this crisis to back end IT processes that will enable us to cancel or hide large lists of volunteer opportunities. This capability will only be available during the COVID-19 crisis.

Available Bulk Actions 

We can help you take the following actions:

  • Delete a selection of your opportunities (called Needs on some sites).
  • Make all of your opportunities private so that no one sees them.
  • Set all of your opportunities so that volunteers can only sign up as individuals, not teams.
  • Change the capacity of all opportunities (how many people can sign up) to a lower number.

We're Here to Help You Take Bulk Actions

These are strong measures to take on your site - and they can be a bit complicated. We are going to help you with this process. Also, these actions cannot be undone, so we're here to provide you with guidance on what is best.

Some Things to Think About First

If you have COVID-19-related needs (or other essential services) that you want to leave unaffected, you can group those into an Initiative that we will not touch.

Keep in mind that making these changes in bulk will be difficult for you to undo in the future. It may be the right choice for you now. But you may have to manually change items back once this crisis has passed. Rather than using Bulk Actions, you may want to consider making items Private instead of Public, as this option is easily reversible.

Ready to Get Started on Bulk Actions?

Contact Customer Experience

A Customer Experience Agent will walk you through what we need to make this happen and give you some tips to make it work as well as possible. It will be helpful for you to prepare specific information, such as the date range of the opportunities you want to take action on.

Our Customer Experience Team will be able to provide you more detailed information and help you think through what is most important to you in this crisis.

To comply with social distancing policies, our team is working remotely. But we are committed to being here for you. We remain available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

We invite you to reach out to us at support@galaxydigital.com