Each day you are adjusting to the new challenges in your communities. Many of you are restructuring your needs so that volunteers can serve from wherever they are, without gathering in central locations. So, we have implemented a new way to help you connect with your volunteers virtually.

How to Create a Virtual Need

You can now mark Needs (called Opportunities on some sites) as Virtual Needs. Virtual Needs allow volunteers to participate from home or offsite. For example:
  • Your Virtual Need may include online services, such as tutoring, provide online emotional support, or data entry.
  • Your Virtual Need may include services that volunteers can provide at home, such as sewing blankets or writing letters. 

You can select Virtual Needs as an option from the Add New Need page or Edit Need page in your Manager Panel.

Learn how to create a Virtual Need in this short video:


Once you have marked a need as a Virtual Need, volunteers can search for those Needs using your site's filter tool. Virtual Needs also include an indicator in the Needs Description that identifies it as virtual.