We’ve made some exciting updates to Spotlights, Users, Needs, and the Agency Profile page! Here, we’ll cover the changes we’ve made that impact all Get Connected clients.

New features and updates

New Spotlight interface

Want to rearrange the Spotlights you’ve created for your site? You can now drag and drop the Spotlights you’ve made to reorder them—and they’ll auto-save in that order. This is a great way to highlight new programs, events, or any exciting news that you want to showcase on your site! 

Linked Spotlights

We’ve also updated the way users interact with your Spotlights! Now if your Spotlights include a URL, they’ll open in a new window by default when a user clicks on them.

Date Last Updated in Users table

We know that volunteer engagement is important to your site! So, we’ve added a new column to the Users table under Volunteerism > Users. You can now view the date that a user’s profile was last updated. This is great if you want to sort your volunteers by how recently they’ve updated their profiles or get a glance at who’s actively engaging with your site. 

Filter Needs by Geolocation

We’ve added a new feature that allows Needs to be filtered by the user’s geolocation. This new feature lets you give volunteers the ability to share their browser’s location which makes it easier to locate Needs near them! You can toggle this feature On or Off from the Site Settings > Main Settings > Needs and select the default distance from the user’s location: 

This will filter Needs within that selected default distance from the user’s location. 

Volunteer Perspective

When the Filter Needs by User Geolocation feature is turned On, volunteers are prompted to share their browser’s location when they visit the site’s Needs page:

Volunteers can edit or remove the filter by clicking on it:

Agency Links

We’ve also added a direct agency link on the Agency Profile page for all agencies. This includes agencies that aren’t using a custom agency link. This update helps agency managers and site managers find the link to their agency profile page faster so they can then share it with their community, newsletter, or social media! This feature is found in Volunteerism > Agencies > Agency Profile > Basic Information