Scheduling Volunteer Opportunities

One of the feedbacks we've received from volunteers is they would like us to post opportunities in the evening, so they have a better chance of responding to the opportunity. The only two options I see to do that would be a.) in the evening, I'm manually posting the opportunity, and b.) I create the opportunity and leave it pending until the evening when I turn it to active. But I think it would be great if I could create the opportunity right now, for example, and schedule it to go live at 7 p.m. tonight. 

Hi, Brett!

Thanks for the clarification! I'll add this to your suggestion! 

Thanks again for posting your suggestion! If you want to add any additional requests around this, feel free to reply here. 

Hope you have a great Friday!

Hilary T. 

Client Onboarding 

Hi, Hilary! Thank you for your response. To your question, the latter! They'd like to see opportunities posted to the site at a specific time.

Hi, Brett! 

Thanks for writing in with your suggestion! I can definitely see the benefit to this. I like this idea! I'll be sure to add it to our forum suggestions list for review. 

For clarification, are the volunteers referencing emails they receive about the opportunities or do they mean they want you to post them onto the site at a specific time? 


Hilary T. 

Onboarding Team 

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