This article is for Get Connected 2.0 agency managers who want to tell the world who they are, what they do, and how volunteers can help them reach their goals!

With Get Connected 2.0, you can now share your agency, its needs, and its events more effectively than ever. Get Connected is now mobile-friendly, which means that people using their smartphone, tablets, etc., will easily be able to view your agency's profile page, respond to needs, and RSVP to events with just a few taps.

Ready to spread the word about your agency? Read on!

Ways to Spread the Word

You have a couple of tools for spreading the word: links to your profile page and your volunteer opportunities; and convenient options for sharing information on social media. In addition, you can encourage your volunteers to share your agency's opportunities with their friends and acquaintances.


Click a link, and you're there! Here's where you can access links to specific agency pages when you're logged in as an agency manager. Copy the link to your clipboard and paste it into an email, newsletter, or social media post!

  • Agency Profile Page - While in agency manager view, click the Edit tab and scroll to the Basic Information section of your agency's profile. The link to your profile page is provided just under the Customize Link field.
  • List of Your Agency's Needs - While in edit mode, click the Needs tab and scroll down to the Needs Links section. The first link shown will take users to a page that lists only your agency's posted needs.
  • Link for RSS Feeds - Also in the Needs Links section under the Needs tab is a link for anyone who wants to add your posted needs to their RSS feed.

    Tip: Use this link to display a running list of volunteer opportunities on your agency's main website!

Social Media

For many people, social media is the primary source for news, information, and communication. Why not let it be their primarily source for volunteerism as well? Get Connected 2.0's mobile-friendly platform for potential volunteers to learn about your agency, respond to your posted needs, and even RSVP to your events!

To share information on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, click the applicable "arrow" icon. Here's an example for sharing a posted need:

Note: You do not have to be signed in as an agency manager to share your agency's information on social media.

The arrow icon is available for every need, event, and agency posted on Get Connected.

Your Volunteers

Don't forget about one of your most important resources: your volunteers! Encourage your volunteers to share links to your profile and to post information about needs and events to their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. When they visit Get Connected, they can use the social media sharing tool to let their friends and acquaintances know how they can help support your cause. 

Best Practices and Other Tips

Here are a few suggestions for communicating your agency information effectively in Get Connected:

  • Use Clear Titles. Keep in mind that people may be scrolling quickly through Get Connected's list of needs and and events. Avoid generic titles (such as "Volunteers Needed"); be specific!
  • Include Related Links. If you need volunteers to help with an event, include a link to the event in your needs posting, and vice-versa. Click here to learn how to do this.
  • Keep Paragraphs Short. Try to limit paragraphs to 2 - 3 sentences to ensure easy reading on a mobile device (or any device!).
  • Use Formatting. Get Connected's Text Editor has options for bold text, headings, bullet points, numbered lists, and more! Take advantage of these features. Clear and well-executed formatting can make your posts easier to read and respond to.
  • Use Graphics. The ability to upload graphics into a post is another feature of the Text Editor. You can include event flyers, photos, and other images in your need and event postings.