Note: This article is for administrators using the Get Connected 2.0 platform.

Your Settings > Main Settings area includes a section on site information, which consists of the following elements:

Check these fields upon logging into your Get Connected admin panel for the first time, and ensure that the information in them is correct. Also, be sure to keep these fields up to date for maximum performance of your Get Connected platform.

Note: To access Site Settings, click the Site Settings link in the top right-hand corner of your admin panel screen.

Domain Name

Your domain is filled in automatically and is the URL or website address for your Get Connected platform.

Default Manager Account

This dropdown list will include everyone on your site who has been designated as a site manager, or administrator. Select the name of the person who will be the primary administrator for your site.

Organization Name

Your organization's name will appear in certain notification messages and also in the browser tab.

In this example, the organization name, "Galactic Customer Training," shows up in the browser tab. In addition, all automated notifications sent from this site will list "Galactic Customer Training" as the site name.

Organization Home Page

If your organization has a home page separate from its Get Connected, page, you can include a link to that page in Get Connected. This link shows up in the top navigation bar. Note that, while the appearance differs depending on whether the user is logged in or out, the text, "Return to our website," remains the same.

Top Nav (Logged In)
Top Nav (Logged Out)

When a user clicks Return to our website, they will be taken to the link you've entered in the Organization Home Page field in Site Settings.

Time Zone

Select your site's time zone from the dropdown list.