The primary agency, need, and event statuses in Get Connected are Active, Inactive, and Pending. In addition, agency statuses include Imported.

This article covers the following topics:

Viewing Items by Status

Changing an Item's Status (including how to activate pending data and deactivate data)

Viewing Items by Status

The example shown here is for viewing agencies by status; however, this process is almost identical for viewing both needs and events.

By default, only active agencies (or needs or events) are listed when you first access the listing (via the Volunteerism area of the Manager Panel menu). To view items with other statuses, select the desired status from the Status column, shown above.

Note: If you want to change an item’s status from inactive to active, it’s necessary to first view the inactive items as described here. Only by doing this can you access the item you want to activate.

Changing an Item’s Status

There are several different ways to change the status of an agency, need, or event. Because the process for changing an agency’s status differs from that for changing the status of a need or event, these processes are presented separately here.

Before changing an agency's status, be sure to update your site's notification templates to ensure the message they receive is customized for your community. Click here to learn more about updating notification templates in Get Connected.

Viewing and Activating Pending Data (Agencies)

If your approval settings require that you approve certain types of changes on the site (such as an added agency or an updated agency profile page), you’ll see a number in parentheses in the Volunteerism area of your Manager Panel menu. This number indicates the number of agencies that are pending.

In the image above, there is one agency pending.

Note: If your site requires that both new agencies and agency profile updates be approved, you may see two sets of parentheses--one for agencies, and one for updates.

To view only those items that are pending, click on the number inside the parentheses.

Activating a Pending Agency

To activate a pending agency:

  1. Click on the number in parentheses indicating that agencies are pending. A table of pending agencies is displayed.
  2. Click on the name of the pending agency to view its profile.
  3. From the Status dropdown, select Active.
  4. Click one of the Submit Agency buttons to save the new status.

Approving an Agency's Profile Update

To approve an agency's profile update:

  1. Click on the number in parentheses indicating that an update is pending.
    A table of agencies with pending updates is displayed.
  2. Take one of the steps listed below:
    • Click on the agency name, review the update, select Active from the Status dropdown, and click a Submit Agency button.
    • From the Review Options column in the table of agencies, select Approve.

Viewing and Activating Pending Needs and Events

As with agencies, if an event or need is pending and approval is required through Site Settings, a number will be displayed in parentheses as applicable in the Manager Panel menu. To view a pending need or event, click on the number in parentheses. To activate a pending need or event, select Approve for that need or event.

Activating Imported Agencies

When an agency is imported, it is automatically given a status of Imported. It will remain at this status until a Site Manager has activated it. When an imported agency is activated, an email is sent to the agency manager with important login information.

Important: To send login information to a new admin whose agency has been imported, the process described below must be used. This message is not sent if you go to an agency's profile and change the status to Active.

To activate imported agencies:

  1. From your Manager Panel, click Volunteerism > Agencies. You will see a table listing all agencies on your site.
  2. From the Status column, select Imported.
    Two things happen at this point: A message with a Send Notification Now button appears at the top of the site, and the table of agencies shows only those agencies with a status of Imported. To the left of each agency is a checkbox. 
  3. Check the boxes to the left of the agencies to be activated.
    To select all, check the box at the top of that column.
  4. Click the Send Notification Now button at the top of the page.

Two things happen at this point: (1) a notification is sent to with temporary login information is sent to the primary agency manager; and (2) the agency's status changes from Imported to Active.

Deactivating or Deleting Data (Agencies, Needs, and Events)

When you deactivate an agency, need, or event from your site, it is no longer visible to volunteers.

Note: Agency, need, and event data cannot be permanently deleted from Get Connected; it can only be deactivated

The process for deactivating data is identical for agencies, needs, and events. To deactivate one of these types of data:

  1. Click the applicable area (Agencies, Needs, or Events) under Volunteerism in your Manager Panel menu.
  2. Click on the agency, need, or event to be deactivated.
  3. For an agency or need, select Inactive from the Status dropdown and click Submit Agency or Update Need as applicable. For an event, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Event.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Deactivating or Deleting User Accounts

As with agency, need, and event records, a user account cannot be permanently deleted from Get Connected; it can only be deactivated. You can deactivate a single user, or you can deactivate users in bulk.

To deactivate a user account:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Users Manage Users in your Site Manager panel menu.
  2. Click on the name of the user to be deactivated. The user’s profile information is shown.
  3. Select Inactive from the User Status dropdown.
  4. Click Update Basic Information.

You can reactivate a user account at any time.

Note: If you are deactivating the account of a user who is an agency manager, make sure someone else has been designated as the primary manager of that agency.

Reactivating an Inactive Agency, Need, Event, or User Account

To reactivate something that has been made inactive:

  1. Go to the Volunteerism area of your Site Manager panel menu and select Agencies, Needs, Events, or Users, as applicable.
  2. Click on the item to be reactivated.
  • For agencies, needs, or events, select Inactive from the top of the Status dropdown.
  • For user accounts, run a user-filter search on User Data > User Status > is > inactive and click Submit.
  1. Select the item to reactivate.
  2. Select Active from the Status dropdown.
  3. Save your change by clicking the applicable Update or Submit button.