This article applies to all Connect Site Managers, though it includes links for volunteers and Agency Managers who wish to submit volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours can be submitted in several different ways. Aside from manually logging their hours, they hours can be logged on their behalf by an agency manager or site manager. If a volunteer checks in to a need, their hours are logged automatically. Volunteer hours can also be logged by team leaders and SLM leaders (for sites that use SLM.

This article covers:

  • the standard information that is requested when a volunteer logs hours
  • details on how a Site Manager can customize the hours-submission form
  • instructions for accessing volunteer-hour data

Standard Information Requested

Whatever method is used, Get Connected asks for the following information by default:

  • Hour Type - The person submitting the hours must indicate whether the hours are related to a need they responded to in Get Connected.
  • Need - If the hours are related to a Get Connected need, they must identify the need.
  • Individual Details - If the hours are not related to a Get Connected need, the volunteer can complete optional fields regarding location and information about the person who can verify the hours.
  • Hour Details - The date and number of hours worked are required. Number of miles traveled is optional.
  • Description - Additional details can be entered; this field is optional.

These are the standard fields provided on the hour-entry form. To add custom fields or custom categories, see below.

Customizable Categories

You can give your volunteers the opportunities to group their hours details into certain categories when submitting the hours.

To add custom categories:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Settings > Hours Questions.
  2. Under the Hour Categories heading, click the link to manage custom hour categories. The Manage Categories page opens in a new tab.
  3. Type a category into the Add Category field and click Add. The new category appears in the table below.

No further action is needed. To edit or delete existing categories, use the applicable icons in the Options column.

Note: To view hours that have been submitted by category, go to the Reports area of your site manager panel and click Volunteer Hours by Category (located under the "Users" heading).

Customizable Questions

As a Site Manager, you can add up to two questions to the hour-entry form. In the example below, the Site Manager has added the question, "Do you plan to volunteer with this agency again?" The Site Manager has also specified the four options of Yes, No, Unsure, and Rather Not Say.

Note: Questions must be multiple choice, where the volunteer must select only one of the choices provided.

Adding Questions

You can add up to two customized questions to the hours-submission form. To add a question:

  1. Go to your Site Manager Panel and click Settings, located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select Hours Questions.
  3. Select a status. To have the question appear on the hours-submission form, select Active.
  4. Type the question into the Question field.
  5. To make the question required, toggle the Required box to ON. If a question is required, volunteers will not be able to submit their hours if they have not answered the question.
  6. From the Field Type field, select the question type.
  7. Complete any applicable fields that appear; click here to learn how to create the different types of questions available.
  8. Click Save Questions to save your question(s).

Accessing Response Data

Most of the data from the hours-submission form can be viewed in one of the following two reports:

  • Volunteer Hours Logged - This report shows details of all hours logged in connection with needs posted in Get Connected.
  • Details of Individual Hours - This report shows details of all other hours logged (i.e., hours not in connection to a need posted in Get Connected).

You can access these reports by going to the Site Manager Panel and clicking the Reports button. These two reports are listed under the Users heading.

Note: Answers to custom questions does not show up in the reports listed above. To see the answers to your custom questions, you must export the report to a spreadsheet. The custom questions and answers are shown in the final columns of the report.