This article is for administrators using Get Connected 2.0.

When someone registers for your site—whether as a volunteer or as an agency manager signing up their agency—they are given a link to a set of terms and conditions.

Get Connected provides two sets of terms and conditions: one for agencies, and one for volunteers. As a Site Manager, you can edit (or replace) these documents as needed.

Editing Terms and Conditions

To access your terms and conditions page for editing:

  1. From the Manager Panel, go to Content > Custom Pages.
  2. You are shown a list of all custom web pages on your site. The volunteer's terms and conditions page is titled privacy, and the agency manager's page is titled privacy_agency.

    Note: The pages are located at [your domain]/home/privacy and [your domain]/home/privacy_agency/ respectively, as shown in the example below.

  3. Click on the applicable page name to edit a page.
  4. Once you have made your edits, click Submit Page to save your work.

For more information on editing custom web pages, see Custom Web Pages.