Updated November 30, 2015

Galaxy Digital products officially support the following browsers:

Unfortunately, Galaxy Digital cannot ensure an optimal Connect experience for users on different or older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 9). For example, users of IE 9 will find that form fields are blank (they do not include labels inside text boxes to help them fill out forms).

Sign-up Form in ChromeSign-up Form in Internet Explorer 9

Why We Don't Support IE9

Internet Explorer 9 is not supported for several reasons:

  • Security concerns and modern web standards: The last release of IE 9 was in 2011, and Microsoft is dropping support for IE 9 in January 2016. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for older browsers. Microsoft has already stopped updating IE 9 to comply with modern web standards. Because of this, most major websites have transitioned away from IE 9 compatibility. For example, Google no longer supports IE 9 on any of their sites (more info here).
  • Market share: Worldwide, less than 2% of internet traffic comes from IE 9 users, and a lot of that comes from China (see this report). There are very few users left in the US for whom IE 9 is their only option to access the internet. Connect sites are compatible with the most commonly used browsers, but we unfortunately can't support every version of each browser that's available.
  • Mobile compatibility: The mobile compatibility features of Connect sites and many other modern sites are based on standards that are not supported in IE 9. 64% of adults in the US use a smartphone or tablet to browse the internet, and for 7% of adults, a mobile device is their only way to browse the internet (Pew Research). More people in the US are actually reliant on mobile devices for internet access than are reliant on IE 9.

For an optimal Connect experience, users of IE9 should upgrade to a later version of Internet Explorer or switch to a different, more commonly used browser. To learn more about the browsers that your Connect site does support, click one of the links provided here.