This article applies to all Connect site administrators.

This article covers the following topics:

The Image Rotator: Dashboard View

You can use the image rotator to display a slideshow of images on the dashboard. Here's an example of an image being shown on a Get Connected dashboard:

Each image can be linked to a unique URL (though this is not required).

Accessing the Image Rotator

The image rotator is managed from the admin panel. To access the image rotator:

  1. From your admin panel, click Settings.
  2. Select Rotator Images.

If any images have already been added to your platform's image rotator, you'll see them here. (For an example, scroll down to "Reordering Images," later in this article.)

Adding and Linking an Image

To add an image:

  1. Click Upload Image, select an image, and click Open to attach it. The image file name appears where the Upload Image button was.
  2. (optional) Type a Target URL if you want the image, when clicked, to take the reader to a unique web page.
  3. Click the Add New ImageĀ button.

Note: The image space on the dashboard is 1000 x 600 pixels. The image itself, however, does not need to be that size. If it is smaller, the size will be made larger to fit the space--but Get Connected will not stretch or otherwise distort the image.

Deleting an Image

To delete an image, go to the image rotator and click the X in the row of the image to delete.

Reordering Images

Images are shown on the dashboard in the order displayed in Site Settings. To reorder images, go to the image rotator and drag an image's handle (located in the far-left column) up or down as desired.

Editing Links

To edit the link associated with an image, go to the image rotator and click edit for next to the URL to be changed. Click Update to save your changes.