This article is geared toward site managers who are managing an entire Connect site. If you are an agency manager, check out this article on creating shift needs.

Volunteers responding to custom or recurring shift needs can save their shift to their Google Calendar. This option appears automatically in the "Thank You For Volunteering Popup" and can be added to the confirmation message triggered by their need response. This article explains what the feature looks like to volunteers and explains how you as a site manager can enable the option in the need-response confirmation.

Note: This feature applies for shift needs only. It is not available for Happens On, Runs Until, or Ongoing needs. Click here to learn more about need durations.

Note: In order to add a shift to Google Calendar, the volunteer must be logged into a Google account.

Google Calendar Option: The Volunteer's Perspective

Click here to view a video showing the volunteer's perspective.

When a volunteer submits their need response, the "Thank You For Volunteering" pop-up will include a link to create a Google Calendar event.

If they respond to multiple shifts, there will be a link available for each shift. 

Note: As a site manager, you do not have to do anything to enable this option in the pop-up message. This option appears automatically for all shift-need responses. You can, however, disable the message in your site settings.

Once a volunteer clicks the link, their Google Calendar will open with an event reflecting the need name, date, time, location (using the details provided), and a link to the need.

Once saved, the event appears in the calendar view as shown in this example of a "Week" view.

Adding the Google Calendar Option to Notifications

As a site manager, you can use the calendar_links template key to add this same Google Calendar option to the confirmation messages that are triggered by a volunteer's need response. This key is available in the following notification templates:

  • Need Response Thank You - Sent to a volunteer who has responded individually to a need.
  • Users: Welcome to the Team - Sent to Connect account holders who respond as a team (or are added to a team response by a team leader).
  • Volunteer Team Created - Sent to team members who previously did not have a Connect account.

To add the calendar_links template key:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Communication > Notifications.
  2. Click on the title of the template you wish to revise.
  3. Scroll down to the template message and place your cursor in the spot where you want the Google Calendar option to appear in the notification.
  4. From the Template Keys list to the right of the message, click the calendar_links template key to generate it in the message template.
  5. Click Submit to save the template.

When generated, the calendar_links template key will be replaced by the option to create a Google Calendar event, as shown in this example:

Important: When inserting the calendar_links template key into a notification template, don't include it as part of a sentence, or in the middle of line with other information. Give it its own separate line, as shown in the example.