This article is for site managers. If you're an agency manager, check out this article on creating shift needs. Volunteers responding to needs with shifts or the duration type Happens On, can add those shift dates, details, and links to their calendars. This option appears automatically in the "Thank You For Volunteering Popup". 

So you know: This feature applies doesn't apply to Needs with duration types of Runs Until or Ongoing. Click here to learn more about need durations. In order to add a shift to Google Calendar, the volunteer must be logged into a Google account.

The volunteer perspective

You can always test out these features from the volunteer perspective as necessary! When a volunteer submits their need response, the "Thank You For Volunteering" pop-up includes a +Add to Cal link. If they respond to multiple shifts, then a link for each shift appears. 

When they hover over the +Add to Cal link, a dropdown appears for them to select where they want to save that information. 

So you know: You don't have to do anything to enable this option in the pop-up message. This option appears automatically for all shift-need or Happens On responses. 

  • You can disable the message in your site settings.

Once a volunteer clicks the link, their calendar or program opens with details for that Need, including a link to it. In this example, they have selected to save the shift details to Google Calendar: 

Once saved, the event appears in the calendar view as shown in this example of a "Week" view.