This article is geared toward site managers who are managing an entire Connect site. If you are an agency manager, check out this article to learn more about the agency manager digest.

Generated every Wednesday at 2:00 a.m. Central Time, the agency manager digest informs primary and secondary agency managers on your site of the following:

  • Agency stats (views, fans, need responses, and hours posted) for the week
  • Needs that are set to expire within the next seven days
  • Ongoing needs that may need to be updated

In addition, the digest includes links to the following portions of the agency management area:

  • Stats (to see page-view and fan data)
  • Time Tracking (to approve pending hours)
  • Needs (to view or update needs)

As a site manager, you can

  • disable or enable the agency manager digest email
  • disable or enable related notifications to prevent duplicate messages from going out
  • control over the body text of the message

This article explains which notifications can be replaced by the agency manager digest, and it also explains how to enable, disable, and edit notifications.

Related Notifications

The information included in the agency manager digest is also covered by the following notifications:

  • The Agency Need Expiration Notification message is sent seven days before a need's "Runs Until" date. The default message informs the agency manager that the need is about to expire and provides a link for updating the need as desired.
  • The Agency Need Happens On Notification message is sent seven days before a need's "Happens On" date. The default message reminds the agency manager of the need and provides a link for updating the need or accessing volunteer information for export. 
  • The Ongoing Need Notification message is sent 90 days after a need with an "ongoing" duration is added (or updated). It includes a link to the need.
  • The Pending Hours Notification for Agency message notifies agency managers that they have volunteer hours pending review. It includes a link to the Time Tracking portion of the agency management area.

If you wish to use the agency manager digest email, you can disable the above notifications without any loss of communication with your agency managers.

Enabling or Disabling Notifications

To enable or disable a notification:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Communication > Notifications.
  2. Find the notification template that you want to enable or disable.
  3. In that template row, select Active or Inactive, as applicable from the dropdown in the Status column.

Once a template has been disabled, it will not be sent under any circumstances. Once it has been enabled, it will be triggered as programmed. There is no option to enable a single notification for some situations but not for others. (For example, if you enable the Pending Hours Notification for Agency, it will go to all agencies as programmed, and not just to certain selected agencies.)

Editing the Email Text

To edit the message text of a notification:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Communication > Notifications.
  2. Click on the template name of the template you wish to edit.
  3. Revise the message as needed. To add template keys, place your cursor where you want the key to be added, and then click on the key.
    Note: You can only use the template keys that are listed to the right of the message text box. For more information on those template keys, click here.
  4. Click Submit.

Template Keys in the Agency Manager Digest

 Template keys for a notification appear to the right of the template's Message text box (accessed from Communication > Notifications in the site manager panel). 

A template key is a code that pulls applicable information into an email notification. For example, wherever the template key {{to_firstname}} shows up, the system will pull the first name of the recipient. Listed below are the template keys available for use in the Agency Manager Digest Email.

Template KeyDescription
agency_nameName of the recipient's agency
to_firstnameRecipient's first name
to_lastnameRecipient's last name
to_emailRecipient's email address
site_nameName of the Connect site
site_linkLink to the Connect site
messageCustomized message for the agency manager
signatureYour site's custom signature

Text of the {{message}} Template Key

The {{message}} key pulls the following text:

  • This Week's Stats - shows views, new fans, responses, and hours submitted for the week
  • Hours Pending Review - shows the number of pending hours waiting for review
  • Expiring Needs - shows how many needs will expire in the next week
  • Ongoing Needs Older than 90 Days - shows how many ongoing needs have not been edited in the past 90 days

The {{message}} text cannot be edited. All other text (outside of the template keys) on this notification can be edited as described above.

Click here for more information on Connect site notifications.