When creating a qualification, you must select one of our available permission levels. This article explains each option and how a setting affects the volunteer's view of the needs on your site.

Selecting a Qualification Permission

To add a qualification, go to Volunteerism > Qualifications in your site manager panel and click Add New Qualification. The Permissions dropdown field is near the bottom of the Create Qualification form.

Permission Levels

As shown above, there are four permission levels available:

  • Not Required for Need Access - Needs with this qualification level are available to all volunteers, regardless of whether volunteers have met the qualification.
  • Required to View Any Needs - If a qualification has this permission level, all needs on your site will be unavailable to people who do not have the qualification. This permission level is useful if you want your volunteer opportunities to be privately available to only those volunteers who qualify.
  • Required to Respond to Any Needs - This permission allows volunteers to see all Needs on your site, but they won't be able to respond until they are qualified. This permission levels is great for when you want to share Needs on your site with your volunteers, but you don't want them responding until they have met the requirements in the qualification. Click here for a video demonstration of this permission level. 
  • Required to View Selected Needs - If a need has a qualification with this permission level, volunteers without the qualification will not be able to see (or respond to) the need at all. It will essentially be private for qualified volunteers only.
  • Required to Respond to Selected Needs - If a need has a qualification with this permission level, all volunteers will be able to view it, as long as it is public. Qualified volunteers will be able to respond, but unqualified volunteers will see a Qualification Needed button in place of the Respond button. Once they are approved for the qualification, they will be able to respond.
  • Required to Use Site (Not Recommended) - This permission will stop volunteers from accessing any information on your site until they are qualified. Use this permission when you have strict requirements for accessing your site. Click here for more information about this permission. 

Agency managers and Site Managers can attach any Required to View Selected Needs or Required to Respond to Selected Needs qualification to individual needs.  Click here to view how Site Managers can attach qualifications to specific Needs in bulk. 

The Not Required for Need Access and Required to View Any Needs, Respond to Any Needs, or Required to Use Site permissions apply site-wide and cannot be attached to specific needs.