This New User Welcome Message is an automated notification available on all Connect sites. It is triggered when someone has completed their registration for your platform. This notification is not sent to users who are added by the site manager (i.e., from the site manager panel), or for users who are added to the site by team leaders signing up a team. It is sent only to users who have signed themselves up.

Default Message (Recipient View)

Here is an example of the default message as it appears to a new user. In this example, the new user's name is Angie and the Connect platform is Galaxy Digital Volunteer Center.

Note: As you've probably noticed, this message contains very little actual content. As a site manager, you are the best equipped to add content that reflects your organization. Before launching your site, be sure to update this important message with the text of your choice. Click here to learn how to edit notifications.

Default Message (Site Manager View)

To access this template, go to Communication > Notifications and click New User Welcome Message. There you'll find the default message, which includes template keys in curly brackets. When the message is sent, the template keys are replaced with the applicable information. For example, {{to_firstname}} is replace with the recipient's first name.

The default message of the notification template (including template keys) is shown in bold text below:

Hi, {{to_firstname}}! Welcome to {{site_name}}!

Your friends at {{site_name}}

If you'd like to be removed from these messages, you can do so at your settings page.

Note: "Settings page" is linked to the volunteer's profile page using the template key {{link_settings}}.

Template Keys

Template keys in a template are replaced with the applicable information when the message is sent to a user. The New User Welcome Message includes the following template keys: 

Template KeyDescription
to_firstnameRecipient's first name
to_lastnameRecipient's last name
to_IDVolunteer's Connect ID
to_profileLink to volunteer's user profile
to_emailVolunteer's email address 
site_domainYour Connect platform's URL 
site_nameYour Connect platform's name, as entered in your site settings 
linkA link to your Connect platform
link_settingsA link to the volunteer's profile-editing page
signatureYour site's custom signature

Template keys can be removed or added to a message, but they cannot be changed. For example, you can't change {{to_firstname}} to {{user_firstname}}. In addition, a message can only use those template keys that are available for it.