Version 2.1 Release Date: May 13, 2015

Volunteer (Standard) Module


  • Customizable Causes and Interests. Administrators can now replace the default causes and interests that are applied to agencies and needs, respectively. Sites are still limited to 16 causes and 16 interests to accommodate future enhancements.
  • Favicons. A 16x16 pixel favicon can now be uploaded in Site Settings. A new "GC" favicon is provided as a default.

    Note: Click here to learn how to upload your preferred favicon.

  • Ability to Change Spotlight Text Color. The white icon and text of a spotlight can now be changed to black to accommodate pale or faded spotlight colors.

    Note: Click here to learn more about adding spotlights in Get Connected.

  • Clusters for Agency Managers. Administrators can now create special tags that agency managers can apply to their own agencies and needs. These special tags,  called clusters, are a level of  categorization beyond the 32 interests and causes. With clusters, admins can feature agencies and needs that meet criteria not specified in the standard interests and causes.

    Note: Click here for more information on creating and applying clusters.

  • Toolbox for Agency Managers. Agency Managers now have a helpful "Toolbox," accessible from edit mode (see below) that links to help articles and training opportunities. Galaxy Digital will update the toolbox content periodically.
  • "Welcome" Overlay for Agency Managers. A "Welcome to Get Connected" overlay will now be shown to agency managers the first time they log in to edit an agency. The overlay links to agency trainings, the Help Center, and an article on community outreach through Get Connected.

    Note: This overlay cannot be disabled by an admin.

  • "Welcome" Link for Users. A "Welcome to Get Connected" link has been added to the overlay that appears when users are logged in and have no need responses. This link provides easy access to help articles and videos.

    Note: This overlay cannot be disabled by an admin.

  • Better Need-Response Management for Users. It is now easier for users to manage their need response data, thanks to a new Need Responses tab in their user profiles.
    By clicking this tab, a user can see all of their standard and advanced-event need responses and can add hours and manage teams.
    The table can also be accessed by clicking the Need Responses area of the Dashboard.
  • Improved Event Search for Users.  A new “Agency” filter enables users to search for events by agency.
     In addition, agency profile pages now include options to view more events. Users can select to view just the agency’s events, or all of the events in the community.

    Note: Click See more events from this agency to get a URL that links to the agency’s events.

  • Easy Access to Calendar. A Calendar button has been added to the top right-hand area of the site.


  • Ability to Add Hours for Expired Needs . Volunteers and agency managers can now submit volunteer hours for needs that have expired. 
  • Ability to View Fanned Agencies. Clicking the Agencies Fanned section of the dashboard now takes a user to a list of all agencies the user has fanned.
    Previously, clicking this link led to a list of all agencies on the site.
  • Changes to Need Postings. Agency contact information will no longer be displayed in the need descriptions. (Volunteers can still access contact information by clicking on the agency profile link.) In addition, to facilitate volunteer response, Respond to Need buttons are provided both at the top and the bottom of each need posting.
  • Update to Language Overrides. You can now request to override the name "Get Connected" on your site. The override applies wherever "Get Connected" is displayed by default, as in the "Learn what Get Connected can do for you" text on the entry page, shown below.
    Click here to request language changes to your Get Connected platform.


  • SMS Validation. SMS Validation has been added to the registration process and the Users’ Edit Profile page.
    The SMS module works just the same as before, but your volunteers can now validate their own phone numbers.
  • Volunteer Résumé. Users’ names have been added to their volunteer résumés. User names were not included previously due to an oversight.

Advanced Events Module

Nothing this time.

Disaster Response Module


  • Separate Page for DRM Information. Volunteers’ disaster response information is now captured on a unique page. Previously, it was captured in the Edit Profile area. This change was made to make the user experience more straightforward while still collecting the necessary data.

Service Learning Module

Nothing this time.