Important: While this article applies to all Connect site administrators, some of the options described here may not be available in certain packages.

The Site Settings area of your Manager Panel includes various options for "dressing up" your site's landing page. Here's where you'll apply colors, logos, and other branding elements to make the platform unique to your organization. This article covers the following topics:

Site Colors

See Branding Your Site with Color for more information on selecting your site's main colors.

Navigation: Volunteer Impact Pages

Your site's features include functionality for a Volunteer Impact Page (VIP) a resource for communicating your site's goals, initiatives, and successes. By default, each site includes a VIP icon in the utility bar.

Users can click this icon (the image of a graph) to access your site's VIP.

If you are working on your site's VIP or are not using the feature and want to hide the VIP button from the utility bar, you can make this change in Site Settings.

Remember to click Update Settings in order to save your changes.

Banners and Icons

For information about adding banners and logos to your site, see Banners and Icons.

Home Page Map or Image

By default, a map is displayed on the dashboard for the non-logged-in visitor.

For information on customizing the map or replacing it with an image, see Dressing Up Your Site with a Home Page Image.