Galaxy Digital believes that accessibility is important not only so that even more clients can use our software, but also because creating a website that everyone can use is a basic value held by our employees. This article will review the basic history of the Connect software's accessibility and conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0  and give access to the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Current State and Projects

Galaxy Digital staff have documented the current status of the Connect platform's accessibility in a VPAT, which is attached to this article. By creating the VPAT, Galaxy Digital staff have identified areas where accessibility can be improved. Those areas will be addressed during user experience improvements made periodically as part of scheduled builds released to all clients.

Galaxy staff are confident that the system can be used under most conditions. Many people who have used the system with a screen reader (either for testing purposes or because they use a screen reader in their everyday life) have let us know that they are pleased with the features available to them.

Users who are not pleased with the site's performance are encouraged to let Customer Care know. Some issues can be treated as bugs and fixed quickly, while other items will be taken to development for even more thorough consideration for inclusion in future rebuilds. Galaxy Digital is committed to the accessibility standards outlined in the VPAT. These guidelines are a step in addressing any future builds to ensure that our software is continuing to maintain and further improve the accessibility of our software with every release.


Version 1.0

The first version of the Connect software was created with only the most rudimentary accessibility guidelines in mind. As a legacy product, it will not be updated to conform to standards. Only a handful of clients use this legacy version. Upgrading to the most recent version of the code base has a number of benefits, and you can get in touch with Customer Care to start the process at your convenience.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 was a redesign of the forward facing Connect platforms’ user interface in order to move to a web-responsive environment. A compliance to WCAG standards was not then an intentional step in the design review which has made some features built during this release challenging. These areas have been noted as ones to address in future rebuilds.

Version 2.6

Version 2.6 included a redesign of the site manager area of Connect platforms. Accessibility was an intentional step in this and now all future builds.  Because so much needed to change on the back of the site, WCAG standards could be included in the project scope. Numerous changes have been made to conform to best practices, users with screen readers are currently using the software, and areas that need improvement have been noted for future design builds.


Note: Site managers should consider contrast carefully when they choose their site colors and other customizations. Get Connected uses white text that may not pair well with especially bright colors.