A site manager can specify which colors are to be used for the following elements of their Get Connected platform:

  • Links
  • Sidebar menu items
  • Icons (see note below)
  • RSVP and Respond to Need buttons
  • Spotlights

Get Connected uses the language of hexadecimal, or "hex" codes, for colors. When you're given the opportunity to select a color for your platform, you're asked to select or enter a hex code. Get Connected translates this code into the color it represents.

Note: Icons for interests and causes are a predefined color and are not affected by the hex codes you select in Site Settings.

A Hex What?

A hex code is a string of six characters that digitally represents a certain color.

Here are a few examples of colors and their respective hex codes:

Black -
hex code

Gray -
hex code

Purple -
hex code

Gold -
hex code

So Many Options! How Do I Choose?

It can be a daunting task to choose the right colors for anything, whether it's your living room, your wardrobe, or a web page. Here are some ideas to make the task easier:

  • Check with your marketing department for branding restrictions. Many marketing departments--particularly if you are with a university, a corporation, or a United Way--will already have established which colors should be used for their electronic and print media. If they have, they're likely to have a ready-made list of hex codes for you.
  • If there is no ready-made list of hex codes but you do want to use the colors of your main web site, download a tool such as Google's free color picker. With this tool, you can select a color from another site and automatically be given the hex code.
  • Starting from scratch? A guide to selecting specific colors is beyond the scope of this article, but many online articles offer useful advice for choosing colors for an online platform like Get Connected. You can also find articles on color psychology, color design, color combinations, and more.

Get Connected's Color Selector

Wherever you have the option to select a color, Get Connected displays a Color field similar to the one shown below.

For full clarity and convenience, Get Connected's Color fields show both the hex code and the actual color. In this example, bright blue (hex code #328dc2) has been selected.

Specifying a Color

Click anywhere inside the ColorĀ field to open the color selector.

If you know the hex code, type it into the Color field. (If there is already a code in the field, delete it first, or select the text to type over it.)

If you don't know the hex code, you have the option of clicking inside the color box (and/or sliding the arrows along the column to the right) until you find a color you like.

Remember to save your color choices by clicking the applicable Submit or Update button.