Do you need to deactivate an agency or program on your site? You can do so right from your site manager dashboard! 

 So you know: Some sites have language overrides in place. You might see Agencies on one, and Programs on another. Or, you might see Needs on one or Opportunities on another. If you would like to discuss language overrides for your site, please contact our Customer Experience team for details. 

How to deactivate an agency or program

To deactivate an agency or program on your site:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies.
  2. Click on the agency or program that you want to deactivate.

  1. From the Status dropdown under Basic Information select Inactive.
  2. Click one of the Submit Agency buttons to save your changes! 

 So you know: 

  • Follow the same steps if you need to reactivate the agency and select Active
    • Be sure to click Submit Agency to save your changes! 
  • Be sure to fill in all of the required fields so that your changes apply. 

✏️ Quick tip: Once the agency is inactive, it no longer appears in the table on the Manage Agencies page. 

  • You can always view it by selecting Inactive from the dropdown under the Status column. 
  • This displays all inactive agencies or programs.