A team is initially created by an individual volunteer in response to a need. As part of that response, the volunteer either reserves spots (without assigning them to a specific person) or signs up volunteers by providing names and email addresses for each team member.

When a need is posted, an agency manager or site manager has the option of making the need available for team sign-ups. This article focuses on how site managers can use the team-management area to create new teams, email team leaders and members, edit existing teams, and remove team responses

Your Team-Management Area

From your site manager panel go to Volunteerism > Teams to access the team-management area.

The Teams table displays the following information by default:

  • Team name and ID; click on a team name to view it.
  • Team leader's name and clickable email address (If there is more than one leader, the table displays the person who was assigned as leader first.)
  • Team size (this is the number of registered members, plus any reserved/unoccupied slots)
  • Number of team members (i.e., occupied team slots)
  • Number of reserved, unoccupied slots
  • Need that the team responded to; click on a need to view it.

On this page, you have the following capabilities:

  • Sort teams by column - Click on column arrows to sort.
  • Filter teams by keyword - Type a keyword into the blank field in the Team Name, Leader Name, Leader Email, or Need Title column and press Enter.
  • Email leaders of selected teams - Mark the applicable check boxes and click the Email Leaders button above the table. For more details, click here.
  • Email members of selected teams - Mark the applicable check boxes and click the Email Members button above the table. For more details, click here.
  • Export selected teams to a spreadsheet - Mark the applicable check boxes and click the Export Teams button above the table.
  • Add a new team - See Creating a New Team Response, below.

Note: Teams listed here do not include AEM teams; these team-management features are only available for non-AEM need responses.

Creating a New Team Response

To create a new team response from your team-management area:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Teams.
  2. Click the Add a Team button in the top right-hand area of the page.
  3. In the Add a Team window, you'll see a Select Need dropdown. Select a need for your team response. The team you create will be registered as a team response for this need.
  4. Click Create Team.
  5. In the Team Response form, provide a Team Name and a Team Description.
  6. Click Create Team.
  7. Click Add Team Member to add the first team member.
    This team member will be designated as the team leader. You can change the team leader later as needed.
  8. Provide the email address, first name, and last name of the first team member/team leader.

    Notes: An email address is required for a team leader. If there are any custom questions for this need (or for its associated initiative, if applicable), you may need to answer those questions on the team leader's behalf.

  9. From the Reserved Slots dropdown, select how many additional people will be on the team.

    Note: Your options here are limited to the number of volunteers needed for the opportunity, as specified by the person who posted the need.

  10. Click Submit Member.

To add more team members, click Add Team Member and repeat steps 8 through 10 above.

Note: A site manager does not have the option to clone a team from the site manager panel. Only a team leader or creator can clone one of their existing teams.

Emailing Teams

From your team-management area, you have the option of emailing both team leaders and team members.

  1. Access your team-management area by going to Volunteerism > Teams in your site manager panel.
  2. Select the teams you want to message by marking the box to the left of each team's name.
  3. Click the Email Leaders or Email Members button, as applicable.

    Note: Clicking Email Members will filter your email for both team members and team leaders. Clicking Team Leaders will filter the email for team leaders only.

  4. In the email blast that appears, complete the applicable fields. Note that you do not need to run a filter, as the system has already done this for you.

  5. Click Send Email Blast to send your message.

Editing an Existing Team Response

To view or edit an existing team response on your Connect site, go to Volunteerism > Teams and click on a team name to open its Team Response area. This area has three sections:

  • Team Members - Edit team member data, submit volunteer hours, and access other features described below.
  • Team Hours - View the status of submitted hours and edit them as needed; learn more here.
  • Team Information - View or edit the team name or description, as explained here.

Team Members

The Team Members section includes many capabilities for you as a site manager.

Use the Team Members section to:

  • Submit volunteer hours - Click the "hourglass" icon in the Options table to submit hours on behalf of a single team member.
    To submit hours for multiple members, mark the check boxes to the left of the members' names, and then click the Add Default Hours button above the table.

    Note: To select all team members, mark the check box in the table's heading row.

  • Email team members - Click on a team member's email address to open the email form, or mark the checkboxes for multiple team members and click the Email Members button above the table.
    Both of these actions will open an email form. Complete the form and click Send Email.

    Note: Team members will not be able to respond to you by clicking a Reply button in their email. If you want them to respond, be sure to include your email address in the body of the email.

  • Add or remove team members - If there are spaces available for the need, an Add Team Member button will be available above the table of team members. Click it to create new team-member responses. To remove a team member, click the X in the Options column, and then click Yes to confirm the deletion. To remove a reserved slot, click the Surrender a Reserved Slot button.
  • Send a link to potential team members to join the team - In lieu of adding team members manually, you can send a "team join link" to potential team members. When they click the link, they'll be taken to a page where they can join the team. To copy the link to your clipboard, click the Copy Join Link button above the table.
  • View the team's resume - This PDF displays a team's hours and responses for the past six months in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Only a team creator, team leader, or site manager can access the resume initially, but the link can be emailed to anyone to view. To copy the link to your clipboard, click the Copy Resume Link button above the table.

Note: Some Connect sites may use a different term than "résumé." Your site may not reflect the exact wording shown in this article.

  • Edit a team member's response  - Click the "pencil" icon in the Options column to access a team member's response for editing.
    You cannot edit their name or email, but you can edit other fields, such as response questions and initiative questions.
  • Add or change team leaders - To add or change team leaders, mark or clear the applicable check boxes in the Leader column of the Team Members table.

Team Hours

While you can add hours for a volunteer in Team Members, you can use the Team Hours section to view and edit those hours.

To edit the Date and Hours for submitted volunteer hours, click the "pencil" icon in the Options column. Click Submit Hour Entry to save your changes.

Note: To approve (or decline) hours, you must go to Volunteerism > Hours. The X in the Options column is used to deactivate (delete) the hours altogether; it is not a tool for declining hours.

Team Information

The Team Information section of the Team Response area displays the team name and description in editable fields.

If you change the name or description, remember to click Update Team to save your changes. 

Deleting a Team Response

When you delete a team, your Connect site will send an "Unregistration Confirmed" message (via email and in-app messaging) to all team members, including the team creator and team leader.

To remove a team response from your site:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Teams to access the table of active team responses on your site.
  2. Click the in the applicable row in the Options column.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.

Once unregistered, a team (and its response) cannot be reactivated.