Birthday wishes are a great way to let your volunteers know that you appreciate them! With your Connect site, you can have a "Happy Birthday" email go out to each of your volunteers on their birthdays, as long as they have included their birthday in their user profiles.

This article explains how to access and edit the birthday notification template, as well as how to deactivate it if you don't want to use it.

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Accessing the Birthday Notification

To access the birthday notification template, go to Communication > Notifications and click on the template titled Birthday Notification.

Editing the Birthday Notification Template

From there, you can edit the subject line and message as needed. Click Submit to save any changes. This template includes the following template keys:

Template KeyDescription
{{to_firstname}}Recipient's first name
{{to_lastname}}Recipient's last name
{{to_email}}Recipient's email address
{{site_name}}Name of your Connect site
{{site_link}}Link to your Connect site
{{signature}}Your site's custom signature

For more information of editing notification templates and using template keys, see the article Automated Notification Messages.

Deactivating a Template

The birthday notification message is sent at 6 a.m. Central Time on the day of the user's birthday, as entered in their user profile. If you wish to deactivate this message so that it is not sent to volunteers, you can do so by selecting Inactive from the StatusĀ dropdown for the notification.

You can reactivate a notification template at any time.