This article is for site managers. It focuses on how site managers can set up and use the Check-in Kiosk. For more information on how the Kiosk works for agency managers and volunteers, respectively, check out these articles:

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Kiosk Settings

Rather watch the movie? Click here to view a short video on Kiosk settings.

Your site settings include a Check-in Kiosk area where you can specify your site's time zone, which opportunities will be visible in the Kiosk, and what message appears on the Kiosk front page. To access this area:

  1. Log in to your site manager panel.
  2. Click Settings > Main Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Check-in Kiosk area near the bottom of the page.

The sections below explain each of the options available in Site Settings.

Time Zone

Every page of the Kiosk displays the current time.

This time determines the recorded check-in and check-out times of each volunteer and is recorded in your hours data. By default, the time zone is set for Central, so be sure to adjust it as needed for your area.

Visible Needs

When a volunteer uses the Kiosk, they will typically see only those needs that are associated with the agency that launched the Kiosk. For example, if the Literacy Council agency on your site opens the Kiosk for volunteer check-in, those volunteers will only see Literacy Council needs listed--whether they are viewing their own need responses or searching for other needs to check in to. If you want the Kiosk to display all of the needs on your site--regardless of which agency or program posted them--then select Yes for Show needs from all agencies.

Note: For United Ways and other volunteer centers that host multiple agency pages on a Get Connected site, the default setting of No will work best. Select Yes if you are a Community Connect whose programs are located in the same area and are part of a single agency.

Front-Page Message

The front-page message appears for all Kiosk users. It can be used to welcome volunteers to the site and provide general instructions for getting started. The default text is shown in the image above. You can change that text as desired, replacing "Connect" with your site's name, adding a message of welcome, etc.

Note: Once you've made changes to your settings, remember to click Update Settings.

Using the Kiosk

Typically, the Kiosk is launched by an agency or program manager from the front end of the site, as explained in this article for agency managers. As a site manager, however, you can also launch the Kiosk from your site manager panel. When you launch it, you do so as a particular agency or program, as described below:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Volunteerism > Agencies (or Volunteerism > Programs, for Community Connect).
  2. Select an agency or program.

    Note: You'll be opening the Kiosk on behalf of this agency or program. What this means is that visitors will only be able to see those needs posted by that agency (unless you've selected to show all needs from all agencies as described in Visible Needs above.)

  3. Click the Check-in Kiosk button near the top of the page.
    Because you must log out in order to launch the Kiosk, you will be prompted to Continue to the Kiosk (or Cancel).

You'll be taken to the front end of the site.

Rather watch the movie? Click here for a short video on launching the Kiosk from your site manager panel.

For more information on using the Kiosk on the front end, see these articles: