As an agency or program manager, you can require waivers or other documents for individual volunteer opportunities. You can potentially add two types of waivers:

  • A "click-wrap" waiver, where a volunteer marks a box to indicate that they agree to the waiver.
  • An eSign waiver, where the volunteer can electronically sign, initial, date, and submit an electronic document.

You can upload the "click-wrap" style waiver to any need with just a few clicks. The eSign-type waiver is also simple to add to a need; however, because it must be part of a qualification, some assistance by your site manager is needed.

Note: This article refers to waivers. If your site manager has overridden the word "waiver" with another term, the screenshots and terminology used here may not reflect what you see on your site.

"Click-wrap" Waivers

When a need has this kind of waiver attached, the volunteer will see the following checkbox at the end of their need-response form:

This waiver is required for the volunteer; in other words, they will not be able to complete their need response until they have marked the waiver check box. Note that the waiver statement is a link. The volunteer can click the link to view the waiver before agreeing to it. A volunteer will need to agree to your click-wrap waiver each time they respond to one of your agency's or program's needs, even if they've agreed to it before.

To upload a "click-wrap" waiver to a need:

  1. From your agency management area, click Needs or Opportunities, as applicable.
  2. Click to add a new need, or click Edit to open an existing need.
  3. After adding or updating any needed information on the need-posting form, scroll to the bottom of the form, where you'll see a Waiver option.
  4. Click Choose File and pull in the waiver file. Accepted file types are .doc, .docx, and .pdf.

  5. Click Update Need. The waiver now appears as a link with an option to delete it.

Note: For more details on posting needs, see Posting and Managing Your Agency's Needs.

eSign Waivers

Click here to access our video library on eSign waivers.

With eSign, a volunteer types in their signature, initials, or the date, as applicable. Here's an example of a volunteer's view of an eSign document on a Connect site:

Electronically signable waivers can be added to your agency or progam's needs as qualifications. As with the waivers described previously, eSign waivers are required if added to a need; the volunteer cannot complete a response without agreeing to the waiver (in this case, via an e-signature). Once a volunteer signs an eSign waiver, they do not need to sign it again when responding to a different need that requires the same waiver (unless the waiver qualification expires at some point). Before you can add a waiver qualification to a need, your site manager will need set the waiver up from their administrative area. Once that has been done, your need-posting form will included a Qualifications field. To access it:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 as described previously.
  2. Scroll to the Qualifications dropdown field, located about halfway down the need form.
  3. From the Qualifications dropdown, select the applicable waiver qualification. This example lists several qualifications, two of which are waivers.

    Note: If you don't see this field, it is because your site manager has not given your agency or program permission to select add qualifications to needs. Contact your program manage to request permission.

    Once you've selected a qualification, it appears below the dropdown:
  4. Once you are finished adding or updating any other fields on the need, click Update Need.

When a volunteer clicks on this need, they will now see a Sign Waiver button. Click here to learn more about the volunteer experience of using eSign waivers.