This article is for ReDI site managers. For an overview of the ReDI System, see the article About ReDI.

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial for you to place volunteers with the right needs. You can identify those volunteers who have listed specific skills during their registration on Readiness Disaster Intelligence (ReDI) System. This article show site managers what the Disaster Profile looks like, how to filter for specific volunteers, and how to reach out to them with ReDI opportunities.

What is in the Disaster Profile

When volunteers register on the ReDI System, they identify specific skills that are important in a disaster recovery effort. The Disaster Profile includes information pertinent in a disaster, such as blood type, and provides a list of skills useful during a disaster. This image shows a portion of a completed Disaster Profile with some skills identified:

This profile makes it easy for site managers to know if a volunteer is the right fit for specific disaster relief effort needs using a filter.

Filtering Users for Specific Skills or Equipment

Note: This article focuses on using the filter in ReDI for disaster management. For an overview of the standard user filter, see the The User Filter.

To filter for volunteers who possess the skills, experience, or equipment that you need, go to the User Management area from your manager panel (Volunteerism > Users). You will see a full list of your registered users.

Click the User Filter link to open the filter.

The “And/Any” Dropdown

When applying more than one filter, select And or Any from the dropdown.

  • Select And if you want all filter criteria to apply.
  • Select Any if you want to view users who match any (but not necessarily all) of the filter criteria.
  • If you are only filtering for disaster response, you may not need to use more than one filter.

Filter Options

You will see several options in the Select a Filter dropdown. The one you will most often use in the ReDI System is “Disaster Response.”

Additional boxes appear where you can specify what you want to filter for. In the example below, we have filtered for Categories and users who have selected a specific item in their Disaster Profile. The dropdown begins with Equipment. You can find additional categories by scrolling down.

Click on the category you want to filter for. The categories are grouped under the following, and they match the categories shown in the Disaster Profile:

  • Equipment
  • Experience
  • Medical Skill
  • Specialty

After you have selected the category you want, click Submit.

You now see those volunteers who have identified that item in their Disaster Profile.

Saving the Filter

If you have created a filter you will use often, you can save that filter. With the filter still in place, type and title for the filter in the field and click the Save User Filter button. Be sure to use a title that will be meaningful later, such as “Disaster Response – CPR Volunteers.”

Saved filters will appear in the dropdown labeled “Select Saved Filter.”

Reaching Out to Those Volunteers

You can now take several actions related to those volunteers.

  • You can email a volunteer directly by clicking on their email address.
  • You can go to a volunteer’s profile by clicking on the name. From there you can view the volunteer’s Disaster Profile to see what other skills or equipment they have.

Email Blast

You can also email all volunteers who have identified a category in their Disaster Profile by doing an email blast.

  • In the manager panel, go to Communication > Email Blast.
  • Apply the same filter and click Submit.
  • Load or complete an email to your selected volunteers by following the steps for completing an email blast.

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