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This article is for volunteers who want to add Plus-one hours to their hours entry. This article covers:

About Plus-one Hours

Plus-one hours are a tool for volunteers to use when they have a Connect account, but they are joined in a volunteer effort by people who don't have an account. For example, if you register for a need and then bring along family or friends to help out, you can add in hours for those extra people. This tool is also useful for corporate volunteering, where you're volunteering with a group of fellow employees who don't have Connect accounts. In either case, the nonprofit will want to record all of those hours. Additionally, you can assign the Plus-one hours to a user group. Plus-one hours enable the agency to have an accurate record of all hours worked.

Note: Plus-one hours are different from team registration. Credit for Plus-one hours will not appear on the volunteer resume. Teams are for registered volunteers to work together and all get individual credit. For information on teams, please see Responding to a Need as a Team.

How a Volunteer Logs Plus-one Hours

A volunteer can enter Plus-one hours at the Check-in Kiosk or by logging in to their profile.

Plus-one through the Check-in Kiosk

When you sign in using the Check-in Kiosk at a volunteer site, you'll have the option to add Plus-one hours. If you click Yes button (see image below), you'll see two other fields to complete: one for the number of additional volunteers, and one for their relationship to you (family, friends, etc.).

If you are part of a user group, you will also see a dropdown where you can attach the Plus-one hours to the user group.

Once you have completed these fields, click Check In to save the information and complete your check-in.

Plus-one through Need Responses

If a Check-in Kiosk is not available, you can self check-in by logging in to your profile.

Note: This option is not available for all needs.

Begin by opening the Need Responses area in your profile dropdown.

Next, find the appropriate need from your list and select Check-In/Out from the dropdown.

You will be taken to a screen with the same steps described above.

Plus-one through the Track Hours

If you are tracking hours after the volunteer opportunity, you can still add Plus-one hours following these steps:

First, open the Track Hours area by selecting Track Hours from your profile dropdown.

Next, enter details for the hours as you normally would, including adding user groups where appropriate. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see a section labeled Plus-one Hours. If you click Yes, you'll see two other fields to complete: one for the number of additional volunteers, and one for their relationship to you (family, friends, etc.).

When you have completed these details, click Submit Hour Entry.

You will be able to edit Plus-one hours just as you would regular hours, until they are approved. At that point the Plus-one hours are only visible to the agency and site managers.