In a one-way Galaxy Link setup, one site shares its content (agencies, needs, events, advanced events, and initiatives) with another site, and the other site's users can respond to that content. This article is geared toward the site manager of the site that is sharing content with another site. This article shows how the other site's response content is shared and explains how you, the site manager, can interact with that content.

Both Content and Response Content Are Shared Automatically

Once the Galaxy Link has been established, all content is shared from your site to the other site automatically, according to your agreement. You have the option to block content from flowing to the other site. Likewise, the other site's manager can block your shared content from their own users. Once a user on the other site has fanned one of your agencies, responded to one of your needs, or RSVP'd to one of your events, however, that response content cannot be blocked. The response content flows to your site automatically.

To learn how your content looks to users of another site, see Sharing Your Site's Response Content Using the Galaxy Link. (Keep in mind that that article is geared toward the site manager of the receiving site.)

Shared Response Content: Your Perspective

Shared response content appears with a blue background in your site manager panel. In the example below, you can see which response ("Virginia Pine") came from a remote site for your site's need ("Help Clean Up Our Research Room!")

Shared Response Content: Your Capabilities

You have the following capabilities regarding the types of shared response content below:

  • Agency Fans: When you view your agency information (Volunteerism > Agencies), the agency fan lists will include both users from your site and users from a connected site who have fanned the agency. You will be able to see all fans' email addresses, and you will be able to email an agency's fans in bulk.
  • Need Responses: You can view, delete, or edit all need responses to a need on your site, regardless of the site where the response occurred. You can also add hours for a need response.
  • Volunteer Hours: You can view, edit, approve, deny, or delete all volunteer hours submitted for needs on your site, regardless of what site the hours were logged on.
  • Event RSVPs: You can edit or delete any RSVP to your site's events, regardless of where the RSVP originated. You can also email everyone who responded to one of your site's events.

Another site's users will also be included in the user filter and email blast when filtering for the above criteria.