If you are in a data-sharing agreement with one or more other sites using the Galaxy Link, you'll want to be aware of how user groups are shared in cross-domain situations.

User groups follow users across domains. See below for details on data availability and the portal manager's ability to edit user groups.

Data Availability

Because user groups flow across domains, a site manager will be able to see applicable user-group data from another site. For example, if a user on Site A is in a user group and submits hours to Site B's need, Site B's manager will be able to see the user group in that hours submission. The user group will be visible and reportable from the hours tables.

Ability to Edit Data

A site manager has limited ability to edit user-group data.

  • Editing another site's user groups: A site manager cannot edit a user group that belongs to another site.
  • Assigning initiatives and needs to user groups: Initiatives cannot be assigned to user groups. A site manager can assign needs to user groups, regardless of whether the needs are part of an initiative, but a site manager from one site cannot assign one of its needs to a user group from another site.