I. Intro

Something catchy, similar to this: Are you looking to reach out to a selected group of users? Do you need to perform a bulk action on a group of volunteer accounts--such as adding volunteers to a user group or activating imported user data? Look no more! Below you'll find some useful tips for harnessing your Connect site's user filter to connect to your site's managers and volunteers.

II. Common filters

Should this be most commonly used filters or most commonly recommended filters? Does Success want to specify which filters should be included and what the examples should be?

We can do this as a table that has screenshots of common "example" filters, similar to this table from our user filter FAQ:

PurposeFilter Example (Click image for a larger view.)
To email your site's agency managers
To view an agency's fans
To reach out to users who have not provide mobile phone numbers for texting
To reach out to volunteers who responded to a selected need
To see which volunteers have has participated in an initiative
To reach out to the agency managers of agencies that have participated in an initiative 

Another option is to break this into a few sections: one for reaching out to agency managers (for example, agency managers in general, agencies involved in an initiative, etc.) and one for reaching out to users.

Do we want to say anything about how the email feature is in one place but the other bulk actions are in another? Or is that too much detail? Would this work better as an infographic rather than an article?